The New Silk Road Is Now The Central Focus of Human Progress

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The New Silk Road Is Now The Central Focus of Human Progress

November 28, 2017
The 25th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting participants. Danang, Vietnam. November 2017 (

There is no way to look at the development of human societies today, anywhere in the world, without recognizing the central role of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The dinosaurs of the British Empire are struggling frantically to retain their looting rights in the developing nations of Asia, Africa and Ibero-America, and even within their own countries, but it is increasingly clear that the Belt and Road has given nations the courage to stand up, to declare that they no longer need to accept the demands for austerity and “appropriate technology” from the imperial Lords of London and Wall Street. As Confucius said, “At thirty years of age, I stood up.” The so-called “Third World” is ready to dispense with that degrading title, to become part of a society of modern industrial nations, as China has done, with the driving force being the New Silk Road process.

This is especially true of Africa. The Schiller Institute released a 250-page report on the development of Africa at a Schiller Institute Conference, “Fulfilling the Dream of Mankind,” held in Germany over the weekend. Speakers from Africa, Europe, the U.S. and China described the broad scope of China’s hundreds of infrastructure, industrial and agricultural projects across Africa over the past decade, at an accelerating pace in 2017. The report presents the beautiful future, and the hope, that this process has given to the people of Africa.

In Eastern Europe today, the “16+1” forum is taking place in Hungary, between China and 16 Eastern European nations, 11 of which are members of the EU. Premier Li Keqiang addressed the opening session, saying that the New Silk Road initiative can help bring development to the former members of the Soviet bloc, and will be a “useful complement” to China’s relations with Europe. “Our aim,” he said, “is to see a prospering Europe.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban also addressed the opening session, noting that “if Europe shuts itself in, it loses the possibility of growth…. European resources are in themselves insufficient. For this reason we welcome the fact that as part of the new world economic order, China sees this region as one in whose progress and development it wants to be present.”

But what is the EU response to this potential for mutual progress and development? They attempted to prevent Hungary from contracting with China to build a rail connection between Budapest and Belgrade in Serbia, using Hungary’s membership in the EU to claim they must have open bidding on the project — as if any government or private company in Europe would suddenly decide to do something they have never done, while imposing austerity on their own EU members.

Typical of this EU reaction to the New Paradigm was an article posted today by the Mercator Institute for China Studies in Berlin, reporting on the 16+1 conference. It was headlined: “China’s Charm Offensive in Eastern Europe Challenges EU Cohesion,” stating: “European integration seems very much at stake when Eastern European governments use their relationship with China to gain leverage over Brussels.” Imagine — development is a threat to Europe!

Helga Zepp-LaRouche pointed to the ugly irony contained in such geopolitical thinking in the form of a resolution she proposed to the Schiller Conference. Considering that China has lifted 700 million people out of poverty over the past 30 years, the resolution states, and with Xi Jinping committed to lifting the remaining 42 million poor Chinese citizens out of poverty by 2020, be it resolved that Europe should also dedicate itself to lifting its own 120-plus million impoverished people to a decent living standard by 2020. That resolution passed unanimously.

Who else in Europe is even thinking about such a noble goal, as EU austerity dictates are creating newly impoverished people at a horrible pace every day?

But the British imperial forces are even more terrified that they are losing their primary “enforcer” — the United States. Donald Trump has refused to follow the path of the Bush-Obama war party, which served the Empire for the past 16 years with perpetual warfare and military encirclement of Russia and China, driving the world to the brink of nuclear war. The Empire is horrified by Trump’s historic visit to China this month, where he and Xi Jinping dedicated their two nations to resolving the world’s problems together through cooperation in diplomacy and economic development. They are equally terrified by Trump’s extensive discussions with Vladimir Putin, both personally in Vietnam and by phone after his return to Washington, to cooperate on ending terrorism in Syria and beyond. Together, the President’s cooperation with Russia and China threatens to end the Empire once and for all. The “Russiagate” fake-news effort to remove Trump from office is rapidly collapsing, due to a considerable extent to the work of EIR, especially the EIR expose of Robert Mueller’s many crimes and traitorous intention.

The crisis is far from over, and the financial bubble across the western banking system could explode at any moment. But the path to a solution is now clearly advancing, as the New Silk Road touches every part of the world, including the U.S.. This path is available, as long as the citizens of the world respond to this historic moment by acting, as Abraham Lincoln said, according to “the better angels of our nature.”


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