19 January, 2015
By Jack

I’m not free to speak out, but If I don’t,
I would be corrupted, cynical or a coward
This article is dedicated to:
all victims of war and violence  in the Democratic Republic of Congo

all survivors within the country under this monstrous oppressive Regime
To all I dedicate this piece of work

Power and gun ownership thinks itself to be the lords of the earth and even to own others’ breath  across borders. Naturally, in the name of victory and power of the gun, war provides men with huge pride. Women and children are the prize and victims of rebels’ success. And the DR Congo is baptized as the RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. Moreover, within such a culture, rebels consider themselves as untouchable. Criminal law needs reinforcement in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Children are being forced to join rebels’ supporters . Those who cannot comply to this are being killed. The  Mercury ( South African newspaper (23.12.2015) describes how even some  children willingly flee from their families to join the rebels. It has even become like a nasty addiction for them as they go around enjoying the raping, the food, the looting of private properties  and the stealing of money. This was the experience of one such child called Eric who ran away from home when he was only 11 years old and is back home aged 19. It becomes even  harder for Asmabi-the association Maendeleo of Binza, in the town of Nyamilima, territory of RUTSHURU in Goma, North Kivu and the International Red Cross for Children to save these children from soldering.

The future of these children is empty. They have wasted their time in soldiering, no education and cannot restart schooling as they are over age. Coming back to the community becomes also problematic. Many such  children  raped or killed  neighbors. This is a crime against humanity to recruit children into military service. There is a need to claim this against the State bodies.
Civil conflict centered around the eastern borders,  has plagued the Democratic Republic of Congo . There,  violence has escalated into the highest rates of murder and rape in the world. The conflict has escalated to unprecedented levels. The DR Congo has been named as ‘’The First and Second African War’’. The gynecologist, Dr Mukwege,  is the winner of Sakharov Prize for helping thirty thousand (30 000)  gang rape victims in his Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, East of the country . The untold number of those women and young girls killed outright, the unlisted deaths and the thousands who cannot even attend the hospital either because of geographical situations or financial,  is another story.

Dr Mukwege is known for his kindness, charisma and his seemingly endless reservoir of empathy. He has campaigned relentlessly to shine a light on the plight of Congolese women, even after an assassination attempt some years ago. The blood- thirsty betrayer of the Congolese Regime knows the deep secrets of the ongoing situation. Once again Joseph Kabila is accused of being the author the gun-shot of the journalist Robert Chamwami Shalubuko, assassinated on the 28th .12.2014 at 9:00 p.m by Keshero in Goma, ( Congo Times). Fourteen years of Joseph Kabila’s regime, Fourteen years of supreme tyranny, Fourteen years of uncontestable ruin, Fourteen years of endless war and massacre. The escalation of conflict  in the DR Congo is unique worldwide. Kabila’s criminality is unique. Kabila’s incapacity of leading the country is uncontestable. Despite, the unrestless and unbearable insecurity and genocide he wants to remain an eternal lord running the land, the country’s wealth and population. His insensitivity to the  scale of conflict and rate of his criminality are monstrous. There is emergency need for him to forcibly resign , thrown out from power and expulsed from the country.

The downfall of the constitution amendment quickens Joseph Kabila to rush to set up a so called NATIONAL GOVERNMENT OF COHESION that was conceived as from October 2013. The aim of the present government is to start elections’ enrolment as early as January 2015 up to 2019. Hippolyte ( Joseph Kabila), did this firmly knowing that his mandate is expiring by May 2016. Congolese have to wake up. Do not sleep, do not rest my men. Let KANAMBE know that the ancient times of colonialism are over and Congolese have undergone  transformation.
Failling to establish it earlier showed a great sign of his regime weaknesses and vulnerability. The present nomination includes political heavyweights and as a matter of fact,  the more it reinforces ‘’this regime’’. In my understanding, this is Kabila’s new strategy to a third term, a move forward,  forbidden by the constitution and a threat to societal bonds. The aim should be however, to create iterative and self-sustaining process of change.
After his nomination, the Opposition Congo Liberation Movement`s leader was appointed as vice-Prime Minister. Evariste Boshab was nominated as a Minister of Interior in replacement of Richard Muyei and Aime Ngoy Mukena, a former provincial governor, as a Minister of Defense. Bosh Henry Yav Mulang was named as the Minister of Finances while Thoma Luhaka was appointed as a Vice- Prime Minister, along with Makiashi. Premier Augustin Matata Ponyo retained his post.
La Voix de Sans Voix (VOICE OF THE VOICELESS) reports that President Roberto Mugabe insults the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo as Hippolyte KANAMBE ’’Joseph KABILA’’ an intruder Tutsi in power in Kinshasa. Statement confirmed by Mawapanga Mwana Nanga, DRC Ambassador in Zimbabwe during a diplomatic dialogue with Charles Ray, the US Ambassador in Zimbabwe.
It is important to realize how people are alike. Everyone has the same human hopes, dreams and desires. Whether they are North Americans, Latin Americans, Australians, Asians, Africans or Europeans, men and women, want to live in peace. They want to feel safe in their homes. They do not want to be hungry, sick or poor. Everyone wants to build a better life for themselves and their children. Each individual wants to own a farm, a shop, to advance to a better job at the factory-these are things any person wants and will work to get. People like to live where they want,  as a result of their own efforts, where their family can be happy, safe and free.
The material things of life-a home, clothes, food, a car,… are not the only things men and women want. They also want freedom. They want to decide where to work and how they will spend their money. They want the right to express their own ideas in speaking or writing. They want to learn in schools and colleges. Most of all, they want to be self governing, and not ruled by another country. They want to decide through free elections, what kind of government is right for the country, and they want to make changes in government if necessary.
DR Congo`s neighboring  countries, however, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda, the lords of the earth,  have owned the key luxury to own and relentlessly control the Congo population and its wealth across borders . Human lives are taken as their own properties and can be handled anyhow.
Sunday and Monday of last week  18 -19 Jan,  people have been demonstrating in the capital city, Kinshasa. They wanted to reach up to the ‘’Palais du Peuple’’, but Kabila sent his armed police to confront them. Many got hurt, 53 and others were shot. Mr Ngundura Kasongo, former spokesman of Joseph Kabila, but actually, a’’ Union National Pour la Construction’’ Official ( UNC of Kamere) received four gun shots to his feet. And today again, Monday 19.01.2015, a National Day Off has been decreed for further demonstrations. Kabila flees away from Kinshasa to Bukavu because he knows that his brothers are controlling the area. You would run to heaven. In this demonstration 15 people were  shot and many more hurt. Among them,  7 shot dead,  were students. Some police officials  were also killed,( unconfirmed). The situation of the country is becoming worse.
The  Police General, Mr Kanyama needs to appear at the International Criminal Court of the Hague to stand trial. The very nature of the state`s establishment in many fragile countries frequently exacerbates the problem. Those states bodies who are working with Kabila are empowering him. Let HIM alone carry on with his war and massacre of the population and see how long he can keep this up. People are marching to stand against balkanization, genocide and constitution change. Kabila has been warned by the Opposition Party. The European Union and the United States of America have warned him not to change the constitution. But Kabila is walking in deaf ears. Tension is mounting in the country.
Kabila’s regime is obsessed with a  conflict- situation, Kabila’s regime is ineffective, Kabila’s regime is not generating wealth or increasing national prestige. Fourteen years of his governance fourteen years of unrelenting and unspeakable insecurity. Fourteen years of relentless war and massacre. Fourteen years of stealing and exploiting the country. Fourteen years of no  social or economic  development. Fourteen years of Congolese extreme suffering, cries, tears and hopelessness. Fourteen years of helplessness, fourteen years of total ruin and disarray. Fourteen years of unaccountable and unrivaled tyranny. Fourteen years of no sign or hint of democratic principles. Fourteen years of  democracy not working. Thirteen years of institutional collapse. This is an emergency for international voicing in opposition to this situation and for the President of Congress to forcibly compel Kabila to resign, here and now. General officials within the country need to make this happen. We plead also the European Union and the United States of America to give support.
As such,  society will not accept the results of  elections. Prosperous economies  depend upon a certain level of trust, which is a key ingredient of incentive in all but the briefest of commercial transactions .Confidence and not a lack of trust, is a prerequisite for any economic and political development. Democratic systems cannot function without trust.