The IPCC vs Human Advancement

The IPCC vs Human Advancement: Paul Driessen

Jason Ross: Let me ask you about progress or about being progressive because you`ve mentioned this $2 trillion sort of climate bureaucracy that`s got a vested interest in maintaining a certain narrative and I wonder how it is able to be used to pursue some of the aims that were more directly used by the colonial powers, the imperial powers in keeping their colonies say in Africa, under-developed , in order to make resources easier to get and so forth. I wonder if you see any parallels in this and if you see any irony in people who might call themselves progressive, pushing a policy that prevents progress?

Paul Driessen: Yes it`s tremendously ironic, yes it is! This is the theme of my book `Eco-Imperialism :Green Power, Black Death` , what they are doing is pushing their own anti-development, anti- fossil fuel narrative and agenda and using that to justify policies that deny poor countries, poor families access to the modern energy, insecticide, disease control, bio-technology and agricultural technologies that the developed world uses in order to maintain its living standards.

So again, they want the poorer countries to develop a little tiny bit at the margins, but over-all they are telling them we don`t want you to develop and we want the developed countries to de-industrialize , to cut way back on their living standards.

But of course their leadership, the Al Gores and John Kerrys and so forth, Prince Charles and so on, those guys live high on the hog, multiple mansions, private jets, private limousines and s.u.v.`s. They`re not going reduce their living standards at all. They just expect the rest of us to do so and they`re using this phony climate scare to drive their policies forward.

And where it`s not climate, it`s sustainability, or it`s precautionary principle or it`s we going to exhaust the world`s fossil fuels resources. They don`t want to look at exhausting the world`s land and habitat base to put wind and solar panels in or transmission lines from those wind sources to urban centres hundreds of miles away, they don`t want to look at the impact of all the mining that would be required to develop all the new minerals, the metals, cadmium, lithium, chromium, rare-earths, in order to make the solar panels, the wind turbines, the batteries and so on .

Those are not being discussed at all yet the environmental impacts would be tremendous, mind-boggling. So it`s being driven by a narrative that`s very carefully concocted and repeated ad nauseam by the compliant media that`s in their camp and by the politicians that get campaign contributions from this climate-industrial complex to continue this scam and this financial arrangement moving forward.

Source: Schiller Institute

The IPCC vs Human Advancement: Paul Driessen  

Published on 19 Oct 2018

Paul Driessen, author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death, speaks to the Schiller Institute about the devastating effects that would come from implementing the IPCC’s latest demands for reduction and eventual elimination of the use of hydrocarbons for power. The IPCC, whose past forecasts have hardly been accurate, is again telling the lesser developed countries that they simply will not be allowed to develop, and will have to instead suffer under energy poverty resulting from a power grid made of expensive and intermittent windmills. This disgusting outlook must be overcome, and the full potentials of the minds of people from all over the world allowed to flourish — the minds of our fellow men and women are the greatest of all resources!



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