The Insurrection Is Being Exposed

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The Insurrection Is Being Exposed

Aug. 27 (EIRNS)—EIR has documented conclusively that the carefully orchestrated mass violence on the streets of the U.S. under the cover of the (actually racist) Black Lives Matter movement is in fact “Part 3” of the Anglo-American intelligence community coup attempt against President Donald Trump—the first two parts being the still-continuing Russiagate hoax, and the fake impeachment attempt over Ukraine. But not only is the Russiagate hoax now exposed as a criminal conspiracy by MI6 and the corrupt Obama-Biden intelligence operatives, and not only was the Ukraine impeachment scam a cover for Joe Biden’s corrupt role in Ukraine, but now the violent riots in several Democratic-controlled cities are increasingly recognized as an insurrectionary coup attempt against Trump, leading up to the November election.

It is useful to recall President Trump’s words in his Independence Day speech at Mount Rushmore, where he exposed the “cancel culture” movement as an insurrection, and swore to defeat it:

THE PRESIDENT: In our schools, our newsrooms, even our corporate boardrooms, there is a new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance. If you do not speak its language, perform its rituals, recite its mantras, and follow its commandments, then you will be censored, banished, blacklisted, persecuted, and punished. It’s not going to happen to us. (Applause.) Make no mistake: this left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American Revolution. In so doing, they would destroy the very civilization that rescued billions from poverty, disease, violence, and hunger, and that lifted humanity to new heights of achievement, discovery, and progress. To make this possible, they are determined to tear down every statue, symbol, and memory of our national heritage.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Not on my watch! (Applause.)

THE PRESIDENT: True. That’s very true, actually.

Perhaps the best proof that the riots are in fact “a new far-left fascism” aiming to “overthrow the American Revolution” has been the full-voiced support for the insurrection from the disintegrating Democratic Party and the corrupt media. The Democratic Convention was entirely on race, “identity politics,” and perpetual diatribes against Trump in messianic tones about “the light versus the darkness.”

But that campaign is crumbling. Listen to CNN’s leading insurrection cheerleaders, Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon, chatting on live TV about the massive arson, murder and mayhem: “I think Democrats are ignoring this problem, are hoping that it will go away,” said Lemon. “And it’s not going to go away. But guess what, the rioting has to stop. Chris, as you know and I know, it’s showing up in the polls, it’s showing up in focus groups. It’s the only thing right now that’s sticking.” He went on to note that the “defund the police” movement is driving more people away from their cause: “It’s starting to turn people off…. Most black people don’t want police defunded. They don’t want fewer police there. What they want, they want more. And most communities of color in this country need police. They may need police more than white communities, okay?” This violence was all useful to their cause, until they recognized that the American people are not accepting the brain washing.

But the danger remains that Mike Pompeo could succeed in his effort to usurp the powers of the presidency, which EIR has exposed in a “must read” exposé in this week’s EIR, titled “The Case for Ending Mike Pompeo’s London-Run Grab for Power.” Not only are Pompeo and his equally mad cohort Secretary of Defense Mark Esper attempting to mobilize a military confrontation with nuclear-armed China, but he is also attempting to destroy the United Nations Security Council, declaring that 13 out of the 15 members of that council are “standing with terrorists” by rejecting Pompeo’s demand for total obedience to his campaign to isolate and destroy Iran.

And yet the President and his family continue to denounce the war policy being implemented in his name by these dangerous representatives of the military-industrial complex within his own cabinet. Trump’s military and national security advisor Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, speaking at the Republican Convention Wednesday night, declared that the President is “no hawk,” and that he will live up to his pledge to end the “endless wars.” Trump’s son Donald Jr. was more explicit, welcoming the fact that the Bush family faction in the Republican Party were not represented at the Convention: “I’m thrilled that those people aren’t here, because I don’t think that they represent the party well anymore. If we wanted endless wars, if that’s the thing people actually wanted, those people should be front and center—if we want to send our kids to far-off lands to benefit no one for policies that no one in America agrees with other than the neocons, the Democrats, Joe Biden, and the D.C. Beltway, who’ve made themselves billionaires by sending our kids to foreign lands to fight wars that we can’t ourselves tell us why we’re in.

Honestly, I think we’re sort of past that. I think we have to move on, we have to represent the American people, we have to fight for America for a change, not for our friends in D.C., not our buddies that run the military-industrial complex. We have to put an end to that.”

Trump, after firing Bolton, said that if he had not done so, “we’d be in World War Six by now.” The same should be true for firing Pompeo.

To end the danger of war, and to tackle the existential crisis facing mankind today, President Trump must be freed from the “war party” to proceed with his own stated intention to meet with the leaders of the UN Security Council permanent members, which would include Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. The time to do that is during the UN General Assembly Session beginning on Sept. 15.

The Schiller Institute is preparing the way for that critical Summit with an international conference, bringing the world’s nations together, on Sept. 5-6. Register here, and mobilize everyone you can to do the same.

Source: EIR Daily Alert Service

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