Little over one hundred years ago the kingdom of the amaZulu would have defeated the forces of the British empire that invaded their sovereign land; if it had not been for the Henry Martini rifle.

The forces of the amaZulu were a standing army of some 40 000 warriors who were a testiment to superb physical strength, endurance and health. This army did not march for days on end they were capable of running from dawn to dusk,  for days on end.They ate a traditional diet based on millet and red meat.

South Africa`s land is capable of feeding her children and keeping them in health and well-being.

To apply the theory of over-population is incorrect. Africa as a whole is not over-populated; it has been systematically depopulated for at least 3 centuries.Many African countries are now reduced to microscopic populations.The economies of southern African nations have been systematically destroyed since so-called independence through the genocidal policies of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. South Africa has long been the economic refuge for the people of surrounding countries and beyond.If the socio-economic conditions of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, DRC and Botswana were conducive to a dignified life then the millions of people seeking an income in South Africa would gladly return home.

Today in South Africa after little over a hundred years of being the world`s dominant gold producer 15% of children are born underweight and 5% are so underweight they are diagnosed wasted at birth.

Since 1994 South Africa`s malnourishment rates have not changed greatly.21.4% of pre-school children have anemia and 50% of pregnant mothers have this debilitating condition.Iron is essential for young children and for all women.Red meat is unaffordable for people on low or non existent incomes.

Chronic calcium deficiency causes skeletal deformity. Calcium is even more importantly an essential part of the body`s cellular process.13.2% of children have abnormally low calcium levels.

Vitamin B deficiency is endemic in South Africa.Niacin and Thiamine are essential nutrients for a healthy nervous system.Eating maizemeal contributes to a lack of Vitamin B. Most impoverished people in South Africa eat maizemeal everyday as a staple food because it is affordable, available and makes you feel full. Maize is the only grain low in Vit B and requires the correct process of nixtamalization in order for it to be healthful and not harmful. Drinking alcohol also exacerbates lack of Vit B which is why pellagra is so prevalent in urban populations.Doctors will not confirm this connection between pellagra and alcohol`s depletion of VitB. Vit B is essential for energy levels, both mental and physical.Aggressive and/or confused behavior is often a result of a dysfunctional nervous system.

Another cause of malnutrition is stress. The body does not digest as it should when a person is under stress. Poverty and not being able to feed your children is the most stressful condition for any human being.

At least 50% of South Africans live below the poverty line according to non UN and government statistics.

Urban poverty is what is termed a Malthusian method of depopulation. It is a technique long been used in Europe, Britain and Africa by the Empire/the Elite/ the Powers that be/ the Diamond lords.