The Genocidal tendency of the Obama puppet show

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Don’t Call Obama a Murderer, or You may be Next; and Hillary is Part of Obama’s Team

November 5, 2015

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) added to the already overwhelming evidence that the US destruction of their Kunduz, Afghanistan hospital and killing of doctors and patients on Oct 3 was another planned Obama murder, with a report they delivered in Kabul today. MSF International President, Dr. Joanne Liu, revealed that after their ICU was precision-bombed multiple times, doctors and patients “were shot by the circling gunship while fleeing the burning building.” MSF’s report also recorded that on Oct. 1, the hospital was asked by a US official in Washington whether MSF locations had a large number of Taliban “holed up.”

The reality, as Obama well knows, is that MSF treats patients without regard to their politics, and allows no weapons into its facilities.

We should circulate this throughout the US now, to get rid of Obama. This proves that he did it, he did it knowingly, there’s no excuse, and he’s absolutely guilty. Obama has ordered killings throughout, from the beginning of his first term through today. Anyone who supports Obama is either very stupid, or else guilty himself of supporting murder.

At the same time, it has now come out that Obama leaned on the New York Times and the Washington Compost to refuse to publish anything on the “Drone Papers,” the Oct 15 expose of Obama’s drone killings, which relied on secret documents leaked by a new Edward Snowden. The New York Times buried the news in paragraph 23 of a story on Obama keeping US troops in Afghanistan; the Post published nothing at all. When the NY Times’ ombudsman inquired of the editors, they said they had read The Intercept‘s “Drone Papers” with interest, and agreed there was new detail. “But they didn’t see it as something that warranted its own story, at least not at the moment,” John Hanrahan reported yesterday in Consortium News. You believe it! The reality is that if you call Obama a murderer, you may be next!

Another way Obama is murdering Americans is through spiraling heroin addiction, courtesy of the Mexican drug cartels, Obama’s friends run by the Queen of England, which she used to bankroll Obama’s fraudulent nomination victory in 2008. The latest National Drug Threat Assessment, released yesterday by the Drug Enforcement Administration, shows that drug-induced deaths (drug overdoses), have become far and away the most frequent injury deaths in the United States, outnumbering both motor vehicle and firearms deaths. One hundred twenty Americans die of drug overdoses every day. And between 2013 and 2014, the number of current heroin users increased 51%, as they were driven to heroin by the joblessness and despair caused by Obama’s policies.

And Hillary is part of the Obama team. That’s it; that’s what has to be said. She’s part of the Obama team, and has been ever since she began lying for the sake of Obama.

Say it! That will help accelerate the coming O’Malley torrent.

The point is, she’s always lied, and she’s lied on the basis of covering for Obama. And everything has been in that form. We know that she’s a stooge for Obama,— a chronic stooge for a liar. Obama is a liar, and so Hillary’s a liar. Why is she a liar? Because she’s working for Obama!

Hillary is a lying lawyer. She has consistently lied for Obama,— ever since his illegal war on Libya.

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