The Fusion Economy & The New Paradigm

particularly excellent talk  given by Megan Beets – whether you are African, Australian, Chinese or American THIS IS OUR AMAZING FUTURE

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The Fusion Economy & The New Paradigm: Your Moral Imperative


Looking back from 500 years in the future, what will have been the meaning of your life—the importance, for those living, of your having existed? Megan Beets discusses the fusion economy, the next upward leap in mankind’s anti-entropic development. Fusion is not simply a way to produce electricity—it completely transforms our power in and over nature, with applications ranging from basic resource creation, metallurgy, machining, medical science and space travel. The opportunity is before us today to make a fusion platform the basis of a New Paradigm for mankind.


DENNIS SPEED: My name is Dennis Speed, and on behalf of the LaRouche Political Action Committee, I want to welcome everybody here for today’s Dialogue with LaRouche.  I’m going to simply introduce Diane, who will be introducing our keynote speaker for today.

This morning we had a discussion on our daily phone call, and Bruce Director called our attention to the principle of inversion; which is used very much in Classical music, but it’s also used in science more generally.  This doesn’t just mean turning something upside down.  It means being able to consider that action has a peculiar physical geometric property.  For example, in Bach’s well-tempered system, going up is not the same thing as going down.  Space is shaped by a different intent, and direction is also a function of intention.  Rather than try to say a lot about what we were talking about there, let me give you an example of the sort of thing that we see ourselves in right now.  Jan. 30th, which will be FDR’s birthday, will also be the day of the State of the Union address.  Donald Trump will be giving the State of the Union address that day.  We don’t know what he’s going to say.  We do know what the intent of the Constitution and the intent of the present period requires of the Presidency.

Now, although there has been a continuous prosecution of that Presidency from prior to its occurrence — in other words, Donald Trump was being investigated illegally and criminally by ostensible agencies of the government prior to his Presidency. That prosecution is itself now in the crosshairs of an investigation of its criminality.  At the same time, Mr. Trump has a certain relationship with Xi Jinping of China, and also with President Putin of Russia.  But there’s another relationship that you may remember; President Abe of Japan also came and visited with President Trump.  Some of you old enough to have followed these matters, remember something called the Trilateral Commission; which was this premise that the modern world was to be essentially run by a kind of triumvirate of Europe, the United States, and Japan.  This was run by the elites and it was run by what people today would likely call the “Deep State.”

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