These words are an attempt to provide clarity to the events that have taken the lives of 11 million people in the last two decades; an attempt to provide a basic understanding of how it has come to be that sheer evil has ruled in the heart of Africa and has largely been ignored by the rest of the world. The media has found this ongoing war too complicated to relate to the international public and have chosen instead a pack of lies – a tale of African savagery, a tale of tribalism , of inter-ethnic conflict exacerbated by a multitude of weed-smoking, AK47 wielding African mini warlords bent on rape and butchery while the real Warlords of Westminster and Washington, the City of London and Wall Street bankers, have remained hidden behind a facade of foreign aid,  humanitarianism and corporate so-called investment.It is here in the heart of the African continent, in the Great Lakes Region that the value of a human life has reached its historic low and it is here that humiliating womanhood has become a weapon of mass destruction.

The perpetual aggressors in this long, bloody saga of despair and death served on millions of innocent people in central Africa, Rwanda and Uganda protect the interests and insure the profits of their U.S., Canadian, European and Israeli patrons.  Meanwhile, with a new insurrection afoot in eastern Congo, the western media and its modern day intelligence mercenaries spin disinformation to project black African chaos and whitewash the corruptions of Empire. Source: Keith Harmon Snow – War Without End in Central Africa


This is an incomplete list of armed factions involved in the Congo Wars :

AFDL Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo-Zaire.

ADF Allied Democratic Forces ( Uganda)

APCLS Alliance of Patriots for a Free and Sovereign Congo

ALR  Army for the Liberation of Rwanda

CNDP National Congress for the Defense of the People

FAR Rwandan Armed Forces

FDD Forces for the Defense of Democracy ( Burundi)

FARDC Armed Forces of the DRC

FDLR Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda

FCA Forces Combattantes Abacunguzi

FRPI Front for Patriotic Resistance in Ituri (Congo)

FRF Republican Federalist Forces

LRA Lords Resistance Army

Mai- Mai

MLC Movement for the Liberation of Congo

NALU National Army for the Liberation of Uganda

M23 Movement March 23

RPA Rwandan Patriotic Army

RCD Congolese Rally for Democracy

RCDN National Congolese Rally for Democracy

RPF Rwandan Patriotic Front

Confused? You are meant to be.Many within this list are part of  a name changing game devised by the regimes of the 3 Ks – Kigali, Kinshasa and Kampala – an African version of the Klu Klux Klan. And some are authentic  groups standing in opposition to government and groups formed for self-preservation of their communities. The majority of  men and in many cases, the children, behind the names of these organizations  have a story to tell and a reason for being there beyond judgement or justification before any ICC tribunal run by people who have not witnessed or experienced such lives or in the words of one soldier -“people like you couldn’t even dream our lives or the wars we have fought.” Judgement is for God  but rational blame lies at the threshold of those who have masterminded the destabilization of the world`s most mineral rich region, those who put profit before morality and those who dare to call themselves part of the human race, those who have only inflicted and never known  poverty, hunger,trauma and revenge born of unbearable loss and  grief.

The situation in the DRC is not complicated.It is presented in that way to deliberately misguide and give an impression of un-resolvable chaos.The on-going war and chaos is used as cover to hide what is essentially a war on the Congolese people. There are 5 invading forces who are the aggressors in the Congo and only 5. Behind these 5 factions is the same hidden hand of corporate control whose basic agenda is the balkanization of the DRC; annexation of Eastern Congo by Rwanda and the maintenance of power in Kinshasa. The ongoing genocide of the Great Lakes is a masked economic war waged by the proxy CIA/ MI6 forces of  Empire in Africa on behalf of a financial elite who control an anti-human , satanic and criminal white-collar network from the City of London.

               From the 1980s to today, an elite group of Western intelligence operatives have backed low-intensity guerrilla warfare in certain African ‘hotspots’.  Mass atrocities in the Great Lakes and Sudan can be linked to Roger Winter, a pivotal U.S. operative whose ‘team’ was recently applauded for birthing the world’s newest nation, South Sudan.  Behind the fairytale we find a long trail of blood and skeletons from Uganda to Sudan, Rwanda and Congo.  While the mass media has covered their tracks, their misplaced moralism has simultaneously helped birth a new left-liberal ‘humanitarian’ fascism.  In this falsification of consciousness, Western human rights crusaders and organizations, funded by governments, multinational corporations and private donors, cheer the killers and blame the victims—and pat themselves on the back for saving Africa from itself.  Source :  Keith Harmon Snow  U.S. Agents of Covert War In Africa Exposed 

The 5 aggressors are :




The foreign backed government of the DRC

The United Nations

All are funded and manipulated by  the corporations who operate Empire in Africa

The reason  11 million people have been murdered and the Congo has been in a war since 1996 is also not complicated. This is the most mineral rich region on Earth and contains uranium for nuclear power and all of the Rare-Earth metals, vital for the digital revolution in modern technology. Microsoft and the world`s richest man, Bill Gates, are powered by Congolese resources.

Meanwhile, multinational corporations operating in eastern Congo under the media radar, but soaked in Congolese blood, include Banro Gold, Casa Mining, Randgold, Mwana Africa, Loncor, Anglo-Gold Ashanti, Kilo Gold, and Moku Gold. These are U.S., Canadian, Australian, and European mining corporations and they benefit from having the Rwandan Tutsi in Kinshasa (Kanambe).  They all have deep ties to the criminal extortion, money-laundering, racketeering and theft behind the plunder and depopulation in the Great Lakes countries, ties to Kagame and Museveni and their agents. Source : Keith Harmon Snow – M23 Rebels And High-Tech Genocide In Congo

Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda are puppet states of a still colonized Africa.These states are run by what is termed foreign aid which must be seen in the correct light as money provided by UK/USA to operate their `protectorates`. This is done for the benefit of a handful of corporations. All of these countries` armed forces are funded by `foreign aid`.Uganda has been pivotal in regime change and destabilization in Somalia, Sudan and the DRC, also Rwanda ( removal of Juvenal Habyarimana`s government.) We are told that the Ugandan forces in neighboring states are `peace-keeping`forces but in fact they are the opposite.They are doing Empire`s dirty work. The government of DRC under Joseph Kabila is a cuckoo government, proxy rule by Rwanda. The armed forces of the DRC have conducted in many, many occasions brutal violence against Congolese citizens and the exiled Rwandan population in Eastern Congo. The infiltration of the leadership of FARDC ( Congolese Army) has now been legitimately documented by Honore Ngbanda and his APARECO patriot movement. Many Rwandan and Congolese military personnel have since come forward and testified to this fact. Rwandan military has been operating much of the Congolese Army.As for the foot soldiers and leadership within  the Rwandan forces, a small percentage are psychopathic by nature, the majority have followed orders and mutiny within Ugandan, Congolese and Rwandan forces has been a common occurrence both from foot soldiers and leadership. There is documented evidence of Rwandan military leadership and soldiers that have mutinied and have been assassinated or shot en masse on the orders of Kagame himself. Brutality has reigned from the top down and brutality has been the basis of all military training- kill or be killed. Rwandan military leadership and Rwandan government who have attempted to defect from Kagame and Jack Nziza`s bloodbath have been hunted down and murdered in countries as far away as Canada, Belgium and South Africa. For the people of Rwanda,  the State remains as totalitarian as any Nazi regime, Kagame regarded in the admirable humor of such dark times as “the Jackass King” with the State Intelligence services being run by Jack Nziza who would put the Nazi SS leader, Heinrich Himmler, to shame. All the while the farcical fairy-tale of Kagame`s Rwandan success story is heralded by the international community; who hail Paul Kagame as `the new African leadership`. The entire story of Rwanda from 1994 to today is one fat big lie. The success of Rwanda`s economy is a fat lie, already testified to by the former Rwandan presidential Aide, Dr David Himbara who defected to Canada, Rwanda is bankrupt. The Rwandan diaspora like the Burundian diaspora, like the Ugandan diaspora, like the Congolese diaspora flung across the globe; their words of truth about their countries and the leadership of their countries, words of desperation, agony and rage fall every time on the deaf ears of the Western world. Over 30 000 Congolese exiles protested across the world at Kabila`s last election, not one newspaper took the time to explain why tens of thousands took to the streets  to protest the re-election of the Butcher of Kinshasa. While Britain`s former prime minister, Tony (obliterate Iraq) Blair hobnobs with Kagame,  and the British establishment wines and dines the Butcher of Kampala, Yoweri Museveni. Tony Blair on behalf of his corporate sponsors is responsible for the `Good Governance` that issues from Kigali and routinely soaks in blood the people of the Eastern DRC. Tony Blair is present in Rwanda as AGI ( African Governance Initiative) and advises the regime on how to run the state. Tony Blair represents the real evil in the heart of Africa, he represents the corporations who funded the RPF, the corporations who fund the puppet, Kabila;  the corporations that are based in Canada, America, Israel and Britain, corporations like Rio Tinto and Glencore Xstrata. Tony Blair represents the real warlords, the Warlords of Westminster and Washington. As to the people of  these countries  Tutsi, Hutu or whatever, ordinary man seldom remains within the confines of parameters of ethnic identity and by and large  inter-ethnic conflict must be stoked, funded and fueled by outside forces who have since the first days of colonization used an ages old technique of control – divide to rule.

The United Nations has soiled itself. As an institution it lacks even the remotest credibility since NATO destroyed Libya, Iraq and has attempted to destroy Syria. Many nations are  now calling for the UN Security Council to be disbanded. The actions of the UN across Africa have done very little to protect civilians and everything to maintain or instate their chosen leadership. In the DRC, UN peacekeepers are being used to kill off the Rwandan exiles who remain in opposition to the Rwandan regime. The UN have formed corridors for the safe passage not of civilians but for Ugandan,  Rwandan and Burundian armed forces thinly disguised as rebels. Just as the UN presence under Gen. Romeo Dallaire facilitated the genocide of 1994.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Forces (MONUC, MONUSCO) and the Rapid Intervention Forces (note the heavy presence of South African troops AND South African mining companies in eastern Congo!) serve the corporate agenda. Remember that almost half of the MONUC annual 1 billion budget went to Lockheed Martin subsidiary Pacific Architects and Engineers — a private military (read: mercenary) company also involved in the US/Canada/UK/Israeli invasions of Zaire (1996-1997) and Congo (1998-onward) Source: Keith Harmon Snow – M23 Rebels and High-Tech Genocide In Congo  – Conscious Being Alliance

Like the layers of an onion, the Congo Wars can be interpreted on different levels.There have only ever been two monoliths of power in Africa and the Middle East and one far less psychopathic than the other although both entwined by the ropes of commerce – France and Britain.Under President Mobutu Sese Seko, the Congo or Zaire as she was called belonged to France; as did Rwanda and Burundi unlike Uganda which has since the demonization and final overthrow of Pres. Milton Obote,  belonged to Britain or to be precise – the financial interests of the Corporation of the City of London and its American counterparts in Wall Street and Tel Aviv. Examining this layer of geo-political control lays clear an understanding that what has happened in the Great Lakes Region since the 1980s has been a masked financial war on behalf of Britain to gain control over French dominated financial interests in Rwanda, Burundi, Congo and most recently in the Central African Republic.Added to this picture,  of foreign corporate rape and pillage, in the last 2 decades has been the presence of China and its ever-growing threat to UK/USA hegemony on the African continent.

Congo`s masked economic war began to play out like a game of dominoes in the early 1990s as the overthrow of Juvenal Habyarimana`s Rwandan Republic was masterminded in America by CIA and MI6 agents such as UNHCR chief, Roger Winters .The Grand Plan involved a biblical parable of David and Goliath, St George and the Dragon, the tiny state of Rwanda defeating the gargantuan mass of mineral- rich Congo and combining with the Pearl of Africa, Museveni`s Uganda, to complete the British axis of control in central Africa.

Central to the formation of this axis which is called the Tutsi-Hima Empire,  has been an oligarchical ideology, perfected for generations by those who consider power and rule by an elite to be the object of evolution.Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and the DRC are being controlled not by ethnicity per se but by an oligarchical system, by a monarchy, a caste system of higher and lower beings, the opposite of a republic.The Tutsi-Hima Empire of the Great Lakes Region is a British controlled oligarchical system, put in place to control by hidden hand along Africa`s mineral laden Great Lakes region,  for the benefit of the economic center of the British Empire, the City of London and its American counterpart of  Wall Street. Like the Illuminati adopted symbol of the pyramid; such people believe society must be ruled from the top down through layers of social structures.Persecuted minorities are a favorite tool through which  Empire rules, providing the persecution when necessary. In the Great Lakes Region the Empire in Africa has used a minority group called the Tutsi and the Empire has secretly funded, armed and stoked the Tutsi persecution in an utterly tragic re-run of Nazi Germany where parallels run so deep that if the loss of innocent lives were not involved on such a macabre scale; it would be a laughably obvious geo-political game being played out by the hidden hand of control. Since WWII Germans have been held  nationally responsible for the extermination in death camps of six million Jews.This figure was reduced in the 1990s by several million without any explanation.There were 39 000 Tutsi in Rwanda in 1991.The official genocide toll is 800 000.Israel was created by Britain and the persecuted minority that fled there post WWII was persecuted by the Rothschild Banking Dynasty of the City of London that funded both the Nazis and the allies of WWII. This is the same game being played on the `persecuted minority` of Rwandan, Congolese and Burundian Tutsi. The Tutsi/Hima and Hutu inter-ethnic conflict is pure engineering, creation of psychopathic minds who divide to conquer, Masters of Hate who have almost perfected the art of psychological warfare against all that is human.The end result of World War I and II was the destruction of the industrial strength of Germany and the securing of  British/American financial hegemony over Europe, Japan and the Middle East, the birth of a satanic New World Order. Central Africa is a repetition of this same geo-political game.

The British Foreign Office put Yoweri Museveni in power to overlord a Ugandan Hima Empire.The initial cost in terms of human life was over 500 000, mostly civilian during Uganda`s so-called `Bush War` that rid the British Pearl of Africa of a PanAfricanist founding father, Milton Obote. Since 1986 Uganda`s `democratically elected` dictator has been sponsored by British foreign aid under an open tap of liquid cash amounting to billions of pounds sterling. For his payment Museveni has invaded, raped in , slaughtered in and occupied Sudan, Somalia and the DRC. Prior to 1994, he trained, armed and sheltered the RPF, containing within its ranks a psychotic unit of ruthless murderers. The Rwandan Patriotic Front  were complicit in the events of 1994.Horrendous and barbaric that event was, the number of lives lost is nothing compared to what has happened since to the Hutu people in Rwanda and in exile in the DRC. Treachery on an international scale and overseen by United Nations forces has witnessed the cold-blooded murder  of millions of mothers, fathers and children.What has been happening to the Rwandan Hutus is an international crime, a systematic process of numbers reduction for voting purposes in a calculated and media PR`d program. Genocides do not have to take place within a short space of time. As far as the Rwandan Hutus and the Congolese of Eastern Congo are concerned, genocide can be a gradual process during which the western public can be acclimatized to photographs of disemboweled children and women raped to death. Kagame and Museveni with their puppet Rwandan Kabila in the DRC presidency,  have presided over 14 years worth of the culmination of satan ruling the world, a macabre orgy of a slow genocide.Policy before morality and a good humanitarian fairy tale for the media to present to the western public.The fairy tale is an old fashioned story from the exploits of daring adventurers and explorers from Victorian England travelling across the hinterland of savage Black Africa . Savage Black tribes have a modern day version for a racialized public.Savage Black tribes are now called `rebels`. And according to the daily propaganda,  the weekly atrocities in the DRC since 1996 are committed by rebel militias when in fact they are the armed forces of Rwanda and Uganda, the City of London`s proxy armies.

The survivors of the Rwandan Hutus in exile, many of whom are too young to have ever even set foot in Rwanda let alone be a `genocidaire`;  are labelled the regional threat  and are being exterminated today, this very day, like rats in the bush, treated as vermin and murdered with napalm in a hygienically coated operation run by the United Nations. Soldiers and their families who have handed in their guns and given themselves up to the UN DDR  program are being starved to death in what are nothing more than concentration camps.








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