The first light Rail System in West Africa – The Abuja Metro

The Abuja Light Railway is the first rapid transit metro in West Africa. Ethiopia completed the first in East Africa with the Addis Abeba Light Railway in 2015. The Nigerian metro connects the capital`s airport to the city and now connects to the National Rail Network which will connect all regions by modern sgr.

How many Westerners make positive , informative vlogs like this one which celebrate their country`s progress?

Source: Musa Mohammed

ABUJA METRO STATION Abuja Nigeria| The first light Rail System in West Africa

26 October 2020

In this video I will be showing you around the Abuja Metro station. Abuja Airport is connected to the brand-new metro network to the city centre (Abuja’s Central Business District). Abuja Metro stands for the first light rail system in West Africa. Total trip time is about 40 minutes. Metro is a reliable, fast and safe mean of transportation to the city centre although it only has few trips per day. It is, in fact, cheaper than taxis. t is expected that the metro will link Abuja with the towns of Nyanya, Kubwa, Mararaba and Lugbe in the nearly future. On the other hand, the light rail system will be integrated with the National Rail Network. Abuja Airport Metro Station is located outside the airport facilities. CBD Abuja Metro Station is located at the central area (473 Constitution Avenue). The Yellow line is the one that joints Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport with Abuja’s Central Business District. Abuja Airport – Bassanjiwa – Idu – Wupa – Kukwaba II – Kukwaba I – Stadium – Abuja Metro. Metro departs from Abuja Airport at 13:30 pm and gets to Metro Station at 14:10 pm. The back trip departs at 14:30 pm and gets to Abuja Airport at 15:10 pm. The last trip departs from Abuja Airport at 16:20 pm and gets to Metro Station at 17:00 pm. Adult ticket goes for 1000naira from the metro station and 500naira from Idu Station. while Children ticket starts from 700 Naira from the metro station and 300naira from Idu station.Passengers may purchase their ticket at the ticket booths if they intend to pay by cash. On the other hand, payment can also be done through the POS machines, which only accept credit cards.


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