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Undoing the Curse of the Twentieth Century

September 17, 2015

Wall Street is totally bankrupt, and it’s coming down very fast now. The only solutions are pre-emptive ones that start from the re-installation of Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall law. BUT, if you don’t present the overall solution as starting from the overall concept of Franklin Roosevelt’s total, overall solution, and working down from there,— then you’ll just wind up with chaos.

On a closely related question: Not only do we have to completely wipe out Wall Street, and have the government step in. We also have to establish real valuations, as against the current, and false, money-valuations. Then, we proceed from there, through the first difficult steps of reconstruction, and onwards into a self-sustaining and self-accelerating physical-economic recovery, and into a new era for mankind.

Wall Street is about to blow sky-high. Now we have to go back, in effect, to the beginning of the Twentieth Century, before the imposition of the money system, the system which was premised first of all on the great crime of President William McKinley’s 1901 assassination. By now, we have reached the point under this money system, where there is no way whatsoever to measure true, intrinsic values. Now, Franklin Roosevelt’s entire concept, as a totality, must be brought into play to have any hope of a solution.

At the same time, Russia has taken the initiative in Syria, and is pushing through a solution to the catastrophe Obama has inflicted on that country and more generally. More and more, the whole world supports what Putin is doing there,— including many forces in the U.S. Absent this Russian initiative, Syria and Iraq would fail totally. Indeed, all of Obama’s policies can produce nothing but failure. His influence must be totally blocked; unless Obama is induced to back down, he will destroy everything. Obama is an ugly loser. Nothing must be done to encourage Obama; everything must be done to support Putin’s leadership. Obama can only be allowed, at most, to make token gestures with no effect.

Look: The major European countries have turned against Obama’s policy. Russia is leading the world against Obama’s policy. Therefore, there’s no need for Obama’s approval. When you have Europe and Russia, there’s no need for Obama’s OK; he’s almost stymied. Now, what we need is the 25th Amendment to finish off his baleful influence altogether.

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