Do You Want to Live?

The Continued Existence of British Empire –  a Threat to Your Life

by Ramasimong Tsokolibane, leader of the South African LaRouche Movement

Some years ago, HRH Prince Philip, the concubine of the Her Satanic Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, uttered words to the effect that he wished he could, after his death, return as a deadly virus, so that he might kill much of the world’s population. This he stated to show his seriousness in dealing with what he claimed was the world’s number one problem: that there were too many people and they refused to stop having children.

His Royal Virus
Reported by Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA), August, 1988:

“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation”.

Quoted in: ‘Are You Ready for Our New Age Future?’Insiders Report, American Policy Center, December 1995

The mistake most people make is that they believe such statements to be gross exaggeration, or merely the devilish ravings of a senile madman, not be taken seriously. The foolish prefer to believe that we live in more enlightened times, and that Prince Philip, and the Empire over which he and the Bitch Queen preside, are just antiquated furniture, and exert no real power.


The rapidly expanding Ebola pandemic is the result of failure to actually end the existence of the British Empire and its domination of global financial and other policy. The cadaver-like Philip is reputed to be still ‘alive’, but Ebola is very much his deadly virus, and if we continue to allow the British Empire and its monetarism to sabotage the war against this virus, the result will be the worst genocide in history, worse than even the Black Plague of the 14th Century that wiped out more than a third of Europe’s population. And, as we have warned you, there will hardly be any Africans left alive, including here in South Africa.

The British Empire rules the world not so much through force of arms, as through its control of the world’s finances and markets. Under the City of London and its Wall Street satrap, the policy has been an enforced underdevelopment in Africa and elsewhere, whose peoples have been looted by deliberately multiplying the debts owed by their governments, which has sent funds to the Empire’s coffers, at the cost of the deadly impoverishment of the masses.

In Africa, these policies, whilst expanding the debts of nations, created perfect Petri-dish conditions for the breeding and spread of deadly diseases. Whether Ebola was in some way created and introduced into West Africa, or it developed more naturally, its spread could have been halted with proper, early massive public health intervention, as requested by the affected nations and such organisations as Doctors Without Borders. But there was no such response. Those responsible for the lack of effective response, including those at the highest levels of the U.S. government, including President Barack Obama, have blood on their hands. We must hold them accountable for genocide, just as the British-created Nazis were held accountable for their crimes.

What Is the Value of Human Life?

At issue in the Ebola crisis are two views about the value of human life:
To the cold-blooded British monetarists, most people on this planet don’t earn the right to live, as it costs more money to keep them alive, than they can make as profit for the City of London and Wall Street. And now, with the British global financial system hopelessly bankrupt, such ‘useless eaters’, as Hitler’s Nazis used to refer to them, must be terminated, as rapidly as possible. His Royal Virus, Prince Philip, was merely expressing the view shared by many within the degenerate elite of the Empire, that a plague is an effective way to cull the herd of human animals.
But man is not an ‘intelligent animal’, whose numbers can be reduced at the whim of some oligarchic masters of the human herd. Man is distinct from everything else in the known universe because he is a creative being, capable of shaping his own destiny, and thus changing the universe as a whole. Man’s value can never be measured in monetary terms, but only in this creative potential, where one human being can make a discovery that can shape all future history. Thus man and the creative productivity of his labor create all real value.
The Beastmen who would slaughter up to six billion of those now alive—as Philip and his minions have expressed their desire to so cull the human herd—through pandemics and even global thermonuclear war, are destroying themselves as well, by killing the future.
American statesman Lyndon LaRouche, the world’s leading physical economist, has fought during his entire long life against these Beastmen and for a new world economic order based upon global, energy intensive development.  Such a programme, now echoed in the policies of the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), is the only effective answer to the drive of the Empire for global genocide.

We Must Fight Back

We must fight back against the Beastmen of the British Empire and stop this Ebola pandemic! To do so will require a coordinated global effort among sovereign nations that centres on three points:
1. We must engage in a war-like mobilisation to effectively deploy sufficient resources to stop the spread of the disease in West Africa. This centres on reversing the death rate among those infected, by public health measures, including the use of available military hospital equipment provided by the world’s leading powers. Through the use of hospital ships and other vessels, for example, we can get more than 10,000 beds, with trained military health personnel and transport facilities on the scene. At the same time, we must use such resources as are necessary to bring doctors and health care workers to the so-called hot zone, whilst building facilities on the ground to house, quarantine, and treat victims.
2. We must provide necessary food and other emergency supplies required for this effort.
3. We must have a globally coordinated effort to produce a vaccine with enough doses to immunise people.
All this must be done at the most rapid rate possible, without regard to cost. Whatever the cost, it must be met through the deployment of government credits to do what is necessary.
South Africa has a critical role to play in all aspects of this programme. The life of our people and our nation depends on what we do now. No political issue, no policy is more critical.
While we fight the war against this deadly virus, we must also resolve to fight its cause. That cause is the continued existence of the British Empire and its agents, such as the American President Obama, who must be impeached for his crimes. We have reached the point where the human race cannot long survive the continued existence of the British Empire and its Beastmen. To be truly human, we must put that Empire in its long overdue grave, and get on with the business of building a human future, as the efforts of the BRICS portend.
We in the LaRouche movement ask: Do you want to live? If you do, then act accordingly and fight for the Emergency War Plan Against Ebola (separate document). Get in touch with us and join the fight.