Confusion and chaos are part of the diversionary tactic to stop the public from identifying the entity that is creating a world of poverty, hunger, austerity and continuous war.The media is the propaganda mouthpiece of this entity otherwise we could all have read about the research and progressive works of the LaRouche movement.In the above talk Jeff Steinberg identifies our common enemy and explains how it functions.In the case of African nations, this clearly defines the term NEO COLONIALISM.

“………….the enemy I am referring to has a command center; it`s located in London. The enemy has a name; the British Empire. London today is the center of terrorism. 9 governments have publicly gone on the record demanding that the British government stop its sponsorship and harboring of international terrorism. And yet nothing has been done about it and you have not read a word about it in the American media. London is the headquarters of the $520 billion a year illegal drug business which we (Schiller Institute)  long ago labelled `Dope Inc`………………………………………”

The visible part of the British Empire can be seen in the membership of the Commonwealth.

“Which today occupies nearly 24% of the world`s land area and controls over 29% of the world`s population, over 1.6 billion people. The British Commonwealth as it is pleased to announce in its own propaganda is the second largest world government agency today; second only to the United Nations; which it in fact dominates.”

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“It is also the fastest growing world federalist organization in the world today…………….The Invisible Empire subsumes the monarchy and the Commonwealth. It also includes the Club of the Isles which is the successor agency to the old British East Asia Company.Which today controls the vast majority of the strategic raw materials wealth, the financial structures especially the off-shore illegal financial structures and food supplies of this planet.2 Club of the Isles corporations alone, Rio Tinto and Anglo American as of 1996 own 48% of the world`s diamond supply, 25% of the world`s gold supply, 45% of the platinum, 10% of the iron ore and 12% of the copper reserves. And in the past year they have been on a buying and stealing binge unprecedented in history. So these figures themselves are now highly understated.


The club deploys armies of mercenaries, private death squads to defend their so-called commercial interests. In some parts of the world these modern day pirates and private bands of hired guns out-number and out-gun the armed forces of the nations they`ve invaded. In Africa today the Club of the Isles raw materials cartels are moving in a replay of the British East India Company`s conquest of India to wipe out whole nation states off of the map and replace them with commercial administrations secured by private armies made up of so-called retired commandos…………..”