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Déclaration d’Abuja : La troisième révolution africaine est en marche . . .

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Déclaration d’Abuja : La troisième révolution africaine est en marche . . .

Sébastien Périmony, le 6 Mars 2018.


Après Haïti en 1804 et les déclarations d’indépendance des années 1960, une nouvelle ère est en train de se dessiner pour l’Afrique : celle des grands … Read the rest

What is Real Wealth ?

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Keynes or von Hayek?

Feb. 23—It is time to free the minds of the American people from the shackles of British Economics. This is not an academic issue, to be confined only to the classroom. Over the recent decades, America—together … Read the rest

Lavrov’s African Tour Takes Him to Zimbabwe and Mozambique

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Lavrov’s African Tour Takes Him to Zimbabwe and Mozambique

March 8, 2018 (EIRNS)—Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov is continuing his trip in Africa. On March 5, he was in Namibia, and in Angola; on March 7, he was in Mozambique. And today Read the rest

The Philosophy of Geopolitics

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Class #3—Are You Human, or ‘Hume-an’? The Philosophy of Geopolitics

Broadcast LIVE at 7pm EST on Saturday, March 3. Dennis Small, EIR Intelligence Director for Ibero-America, presents the deeper, underlying axiomatic philosophical views behind the policies of geopolitics . The entire school of British philosophical … Read the rest

Why Geopolitics Leads to War

in the first part of this discussion Mrs Helga Zepp LaRouche talks about the very recent developments for Transaqua. She discusses the New Paradigm and how the whole world needs to adopt this outlook, a new, truthful, creative view of mankind

please go to the Schiller Institute site and get … Read the rest

Transaqua Moves Forward: Water Transfer Is Not an Option, It Is a Necessity

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Transaqua Moves Forward: Water Transfer Is Not an Option, It Is a Necessity

March 2, 2018
President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Commander-in-Chief His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari GCFR delivering welcome address at the saving the Lake Chad conference, Abuja, Nigeria. Photo: @lcbcconference2018


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Transaqua, A Dream Is Becoming Reality

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Transaqua, A Dream Is Becoming Reality

December 27, 2016
The refilling Lake Chad to its original, freshwater capacity would transform the central African continent and bring neighboring nations into the win-win global development paradigm.

Decades-long efforts by the Transaqua authors and by the Schiller Institute

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Transaqua is not the Goal, the Overall Plan is the Goal

Transaqua is not the goal, the overall plan is the goal

by PD Lawton     04 March 2018

Back in the day when the kings, queens and elites, the oligarchy of Europe, were colonizing Africa, they needed a legal premise on which to base their real estate activities. To give a … Read the rest