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Ugandan Troops on Congo’s Border Again

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Ugandan Troops on Congo’s Border Again

by Ann Garrison
December 22,2017
Another slew of Orwellian headlines appeared in the press this week, along with the usual bellicose chants that war is peace, freedom is slavery, and elite security is national security. Those of
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Saving Lake Chad with Transaqua: An Inter-Basin Water Transfer Project

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Saving Lake Chad with Transaqua: An Inter-Basin Water Transfer Project

Saving Lake Chad with Transaqua: An Inter-Basin Water Transfer Project

Dec 6,  2017

The excerpts below are from a speech by Mr. Franco Persio Bocchetto, Foreign Director for Bonifica, S.p.A., Italy, the engineering Read the rest


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Revolution Congolaise.RC

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Donate to the Révolution Congolaise please!

The Révolution Congolaise http://revolutioncongolaise-rc.blogspot.co.za/2015/08/revolution-congolaise-rc-general.html is very committed to contributing on the building of the urgently needed New Beginning in DRC that shall pave away to a Peaceful, Stable and Prosperous DRC/good governance, Read the rest

La tension monte autour de «Kabila»

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La tension monte autour de «Kabila»:

«Bana-Mura» remplacés par des mercenaires sud-africains désertent Kingakati !

Le «virus» du soulèvement populaire que véhicule le discours de la résistance congolaise pour bouter dehors les occupants rwandais et ougandais qui pillent la RDC ne cesse … Read the rest

“We Have Had Enough”

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Tear gas as police break up DRC opposition protests

2017-11-30 17:16

Source: AFP

Kinshasa – Police fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators in several Congolese cities on Thursday as they gathered for a major opposition protest to demand that President Joseph Kabila step down.… Read the rest