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How US trained Juan Guaido for Regime Change

Source: RT America

Max Blumenthal: How US trained Juan Guaido for Regime Change

Published on 29 Jan 2019

Journalist and author Max Blumenthal joins Rick Sanchez to offer his analysis of Venezuela’s political crisis. He says Juan Guaido’s “real constituency is in Washington” and that he’s at the forefront of

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End French Colonialism in Africa: Terminate the CFA franc

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End French Colonialism in Africa: Terminate the CFA franc

Italy Rightly Accuses French of Colonialism in Africa

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio has accused France of running a “neo-colonialist system” in Africa through the CFA franc single currency union imposed on … Read the rest

Rockefeller War On Venezuela Continues

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Rockefeller War On Venezuela Continues

Rockefeller War On Venezuela Continues

Yesterday within hours of President Trump recognizing Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as that country’s new president, Venezuela’s duly elected 2nd term President Nicholas Maduro broke all ties with the US,

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Solidarity Against the Banks and the Oligarchy, the Rulers of Darkness

presenter Ian R Crane in an excellent talk in which he translates the speech given by a French doctor in solidarity with the Gilets Jaunes, who vocalizes the concerns of millions of Europeans. Also discussed : the imprisonment of David Noakes for producing a chemical compound proven highly effective in … Read the rest

Hammer of Justice Falls in 2019

brilliant interview from Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog with Dr Dave Janda covering the on-going hearings on the Clinton Global Initiative and its involvement in child trafficking, pay-to-play and mass-scale fraud. Also discussed – Poppy Bush and the very strange goings-on at his funeral service. ( Poppy because of the … Read the rest

The Hatchet Team for Taking Eskom Down

The Hatchet Team for Taking Eskom Down

by PD Lawton

President Cyril Ramaphosa recently appointed 8 members of a `sustainability task team` to assess the needs of Eskom. They are:

Anton Eberhard, Brian Dames, Tsakani Mthombeni, Sy Gourrah, Grové Steyn, Frans Baleni, Mick Davis and Busisiwe Vilakazi

As of 19 … Read the rest

Integrity Initiative: Evidence of British Meddling

Source: Schiller Institute

Published on 1 Dec 2018

It is a myth that the British Empire no longer exists. The “Integrity Initiative” has been exposed as a British intelligence war propaganda operation, running agents of influence through their embassies. Where is Mueller and the mainstream media to investigate this meddling?

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Necessary Perspectives for Victory

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This editorial appears in the December 7, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Necessary Perspectives for Victory


The following is an edited transcript of the opening remarks delivered by Barbara Boyd on the November 29 LaRouche PAC Fireside Chat

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