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The African Union – is something new emerging?

The African Union – is something new emerging ?

The 28th African Union Summit held recently in Ethiopia, was entitled -`Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through Investments in Youth`.

That is a strange way of saying invest in the younger generation as they are the future. Harnessing the demographic dividend … Read the rest

France`s “big idea for the world”

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France’s “big idea for the world”


  • Francois Hollande a22f2

French imperialism is exceedingly busy these days. Since April 2012 the DGSE, France’s equivalent of the CIA, have been helping French terrorists enter Syria so they can behead children and eat their body parts in the name

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Warlords of Congo

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originally published on 9 February 2008

Keith Harmon Snow `s website is http://www.consciousbeingalliance.com/

Gertler’s Bling Bang Torah Gang

Israel and the Ongoing Holocaust in Congo (Part 1)

Maurice Tempelsman is one of the top funders of

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The Truth About NGO`s and Foreign Intervention

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List of Bogus NGOs Which Are CIA/Neocon Fronts Paid to Lie to a Gullible Media

Originally appeared at American Herald Tribune

Corporate media, also known as Mainstream Media (MSM), is corrupt to the core.

The US government enjoys tremendous leeway to basically make things

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Brazil – Regime Change Mechanisms, Destabilizing Brazil and BRICS

Gearoid O Colmain on PressTV explains the role of environmental and social networks funded by movements such as Avaaz ( George Soros) in breaking the morale of the nation and rejecting mega infrastructure projects in order to keep developing countries under-developed and un-industrialized; policies that will only favour the financial … Read the rest