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It’s Game On!

To Stop Regime Change, Dump the British Empire!


The riotous events engulfing our campuses fit nicely into the pattern that we have exposed in articles published in 2014 and 2015—a pattern of events intended to promote socalled ‘regime change’, orchestrated by forces linked to the British empire and its stooge and murderous thug, the American President Barack Obama. The target is not the Zuma government, although the character of the demands made by the students, and the London assets that support them, might lead one to think that. The target is the nation of South Africa, and South Africa’s intent to play a globally important leadership role in rescuing the world from the dying imperial trans-Atlantic system. We are on a course to do that through our involvement in the BRICS alliance and related global development programs, such as China’s New Silk Road by land and sea, as well as our support for the efforts of Russian President Putin to secure peace in the face of the British-orchestrated terrorism in Syria and elsewhere.

Thus, the demonstrators are pawns in a game whose ultimate objective is not a mere change in the Presidency of South Africa, but national chaos, in support of the intention of the Bitch Queen of the British empire and her retinue, to slaughter some six billion or more of the world’s people alive today, including most, if not all, Africans.

I applaud the recent, public acknowledgment by ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe that the U.S. government is working for ‘regime change’ in South Africa. Such statements alone, however, will not stop those organising the regime change, including many London toadies and stooges in this country, including such loudmouths as Julius Malema, sometimes known as the English Sausage. The puppet-masters, including operatives sanctioned by Obama and Washington—and linked to such institutions as Wits University, the University of Johannesburg, Business Day, and the Mail & Guardianwill not be deterred by words or exposure alone. What is required is a clear statement, such as I have delivered above, of what is behind this drive. The background is contained in articles published by the LaRouche movement and its EIR News Service, links to which are appended for the edification of patriots, and as a political laxative that might allow us to release the kak that clogs our political system.

Also required is a statement of intent to break, once and for all, with the genocidal policies of the British empire and its Royal Family of mass murderers. We must break the political, and most importantly, the intellectual shackles of our colonial bondage to London, and exit all the institutions of the empire. We must have the courage to walk away from the dying trans-Atlantic system and fully embrace the new, just world economic order, for which the New Development Bank (NDB) of the BRICS—whose African branch will be proudly headquartered in Johannesburg—is the seed crystal.

We must clearly state that the movement for regime change, including the actions of duped students and others, is an insurrection in support of our colonial bondage. Those who seek economic justice can only find it in the just, new paradigm of the BRICS and the future it portends. To think otherwise is not mere foolishness, but a case of insane blindness to the world of struggle in which we now live.

The articles to which I refer are these:

July 25, 2014,

January 16, 2015, EIR:

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June 24, 2015, African Agenda:

Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane LaRouche South Africa 11 March 2016

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