South Africa Must Lead

Ending the Slaughter in South Sudan

We will not sit idly by and see the people of South Sudan slaughter each other in a war orchestrated by the imperial forces of London and its satraps in Wall Street and Washington!

South Sudan was deliberately created by London and Washington to be a flawed nation. While possessing oil wealth, it lacked a real and functioning economy. Such arrangements are not unique to Africa. The colonial powers, under pressure from a different America, the America led by President John Kennedy, were forced to yield political control of their colonies, but they never yielded financial and economic control. Nations are kept in slavery in more ways than by force of arms, and no nation can be truly free in a global economic system based on debt slavery.

There is no reason to find blame within South Sudan for this state of affairs. Dinka and Nuer alike suffer from a lack of vision by their leaders, especially in the absence of the only real leader with a vision, John Garang, who was murdered by those same London-based forces and those whom they manipulate and control, prior to the nation’s independence. Dinka and Nuer alike suffer from the depredations of British-led imperialists, whose intention it is to slaughter the populations of Africa so that they might better steal our resources. It is this evil cabal that creates the cauldron and then mixes in the contents through its agents, including those famous and not so famous fools, such as George Clooney, who play the game of human rights, but never speak of the right of a poor nation to real and sovereign economic development. The blood flowing in South Sudan stains the hands of the London bankers in their three-piece suits, as they grab their loot in oil and coffee.

South Sudan will never be helped by the imperial powers and their phony hand-wringing over the slaughter. America, under British puppet Barack Obama, is of no help, and that evil bitch, Susan Rice, the current U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, is up to her fangs in the bloodletting now underway.

Even if a ceasefire has been reached in this round of the bloodletting, nothing has really been solved, and the embers will flare up again.

South Africa must show leadership and provide real help to its African brothers and sisters in South Sudan! We have a moral and economic responsibility to do so, and we have a moral and economic responsibility to organize other African nations to help.

We propose the establishment of an economic development fund for South Sudan, to provide long-term, low-interest credit and other aid towards the development of industry and agriculture in South Sudan. Such was the vision of John Garang, as well the unfulfilled dream of our late leader, Nelson Mandela.

We propose the immediate convening of a peace conference around this development perspective, with sponsorship and support of the African Union. We don’t need the permission or approval of the imperial powers to do this. We don’t want it. We are sovereign nations, African nations who must unite to stop the slaughter initiated by them.

The British royal family has openly declared its intent to reduce the world’s population, by any means necessary, from more than 7 billion people to less than 1 billion. They intend to eliminate the African population. This war in South Sudan, as well as other tribal conflicts, is the implementation of that intent.

Let South Africa declare loud and clear that it will stand for none of this British Empire inspired genocide. Screw those evil bastards! It is high time that we banish the darkness imposed on our hearths and our hearts, refuse to go quietly to slaughter, and instead create a bright new era of peace through development. That is our historic mission—to use our minds and economic muscle to save ourselves. We do this, and others more sane and moral than the Brits and their agents, will also stand with us and fight. Where do you stand?

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