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Burning ‘whiteness’ at UCT

Debating 'whiteness' at UCT
Debating ‘whiteness’ at UCT

A protest at UCT [University of Cape Town], led by black #RhodesMustFall campaigners, led to violence on Tuesday night.

Black students gathered paintings and artifacts and set them alight, saying “whiteness is burning”. Plaques and paintings of Jan Smuts were amongst the artifacts set alight.

The black students said: “We will not idolize murderers, people who killed our parents.”

They accused UCT of favouring white students over their black counterparts when allocating residence rooms.

Public Order Police dispersed the students using stun grenades. The protestors responded with a short barrage of stones after which the security guards began sweeping the campus, making arrests.

A security vehicle had it windows smashed and shortly thereafter a UCT Conservation Unit vehicle was set on fire.

As another student was being arrested by police, a shuttle bus was set ablaze.

Eight people have been arrested and are due to appear in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday on charges of public violence and malicious damage to property after students from the Rhodes Must Fall movement went on the rampage at the University of Cape Town on Tuesday.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut confirmed the arrests on Wednesday morning.

Historic paintings and other valuables were piled high and set alight, as students danced and chanted.