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Will You Allow the British Empire to Finally Destroy South Africa?

Take this as a warning: There is a plot underway to plunge our nation into bloody chaos that will lead not only to our destruction but, in its larger dimensions, the extinction of human life on this continent and much of the world as well. While there are local agents and fools deployed in our country, they are being run from outside by agencies, most notably centred in the British Empire’s seat of financial power, the City of London, and its American colony, Wall Street.
The plan is to have what is called a ‘colour revolution’ here that will topple the present Zuma government. The code word for this is ‘regime change’, as recently called for by the leadership of the National Union of Metalworkers (NUMSA). Meanwhile, the mass media provocateurs feed into this by concentrating hatred on President Zuma, as if the removal of the President would solve all problems, a deliberate lie. Likewise, the whipping up of emotions over government corruption contributes to the atmosphere favoring ‘regime change’. Government corruption is indeed a serious problem. Yet, as you well know, the government has no exclusive franchise for corruption. But many well meaning people are suckered by the mass media.
The current outbreak of looting and violence in the townships, directed against foreign shop owners, is part of the preparation for regime change. It shows that our people—many of whom, especially our youth, live in a grinding poverty that has left them without work and without hope—are open to manipulation by demagogues and provocateurs. The intent of our country’s enemies is to turn the country into a bloody, ungovernable mess.
This follows the pattern of other such colour revolutions, including the most recent one in Ukraine, in which Nazi thugs helped to overthrow the government and replaced it with a Nazi regime in Kiev, which is now celebrated and supported by London and Washington.

The proposed ‘revolution’ in South Africa, while it will have some local colour and personalities, is being organised from the outside, by a spiderweb of organizations that trace their outlooks to the teaching of social chaos theorist Gene Sharp, who parades as a fighter for democracy. Sharp’s operation is run through money and other means by Wall Street and the City of London, with direction and support from British and American intelligence-linked fronts.
For the history and organization of this nasty network see these two articles:
Rachel Douglas, ‘Destabilizing Russia: The “Democracy” Agenda of McFaul and His Oxford Masters’:
David Cherry and Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane, ‘No to British Regime Change in South Africa’:
The Russians, in an article in the journal Military Thought (Nov. 3, 2014), expose the scenarios for these phony colour revolutions, and correctly trace them back to the work of Mr. Sharp. They sharply point out that such revolutions represent war by other means and are the equivalent of a foreign power seeking to impose a puppet government by military force.
So why do the City of London and Wall Street want regime change in South Africa which, after all, as a member of the British Commonwealth (Empire), still kisses the ugly rump of Her Whorish Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, and her evil consort, His Royal Virus Prince Philip? Because South Africa has embarked on a momentous journey to bring about a new, just world economic order through its association with Russia, Brazil, India, and China—the so-called BRICS nations. Together we represent nearly half of the world’s population, and a third of its physical productive capacity. The BRICS have adopted the practice of a new economic order based on Alexander Hamilton’s original American System of Physical Economy, and represent therefore a direct challenge to the collapsing order of the decaying Anglo-Dutch monetarism, which has produced a global casino economy and unleashed an orgy of financial speculation.
The decadent financial oligarchy that rules over its dying economic dung heap, proposes to drown our world in blood, and extinguish more than 6 billion human lives, rather than cede power. They will do this by any means necessary, including through pandemics such as Ebola, and even risk general thermonuclear war, in which these fools believe they will number among the few millions of survivors, when in fact, such a war will bring about the extinction of the entire human race. The proposed colour revolution in South Africa is directed against the BRICS initiative, just as the Ukraine operation really targets another BRICS member, Russia.
In the tradition of Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and John Kennedy, the American statesman and economist of today, Lyndon LaRouche, and his global political movement are organizing unequivocal support for the BRICS initiative, including its echo of long-time LaRouche proposals for a New Silk Road global development corridor project, and other large-scale public improvements, the which require the collaborative work of nations and the massive deployment of credit. We do not support individual leaders per se, but the policies of nations as part of and in support of the BRICS initiative. There is only one pathway to the future that does not involve the mass-murderous genocide of billions, sacrificed by an evil global financial oligarchy to support their worthless financial paper—and that is the road initiated by the BRICS nations.
Under our present government, South Africa has taken a leadership role, demanding that Africa receive credits from the New Development Bank that BRICS is creating. We have also embarked on a number of development-oriented trade deals with BRICS nations Russia, China, and India, including for the building of much needed nuclear reactors to increase available energy for the people of South Africa and our economy.
This is what the British Empire’s plot for regime change would disrupt, and then destroy—with the full support and complicity of Wall Street and the puppet Obama government. No sane person would allow this to happen, no matter his or her political affiliation. Those who do support such regime change are traitors to the people of South Africa. They are pawns, witting or not, of the murderous British Empire and its dying but dangerous financial system.
The biggest mistake of the Zuma government is that it has not rallied our people behind the BRICS initiative. Not enough of our citizens even know what the BRICS is, let alone that the BRICS policy represents the only hope for our economic well-being. We intend to correct that. With this leaflet is a petition calling for support for the BRICS. It specifically demands that the United States change its destructive current orientation towards the BRICS and collaborate with them in the creation of a new world economic order based on the principles of the historic American System of Economics of Hamilton and LaRouche. Is there a potential toxic effect of working with the United States? We say that we must change the character of the United States back to its historic mission of contributing to the improvement of the conditions of people everywhere in the world, as the true pathway for progress for Americans. This is the America of FDR, of the martyred Kennedys, and Martin Luther King, Jr.—an America that commands the respect of the world rather than fear, an America that nations see as a friend and ally in the fight for human progress. The change of regime must be in Washington, not Pretoria. The BRICS and the world cannot survive without this changed United States, and the U.S. were not likely to change absent the BRICS initiative. This petition, circulated by the Schiller Institute—a part of the worldwide LaRouche movement—is part of the process of creating leverage in the U.S. for this change.
So read the petition. If you have questions, get in touch with us, and we will answer them. Then organise others to support this initiative.
We shall hold those calling for regime change accountable for their treason, whether witting or not. There comes a time when we must give up our foolishness, or we will not survive. That time is now.
What say you, fellow citizens? Will you support traitors to our national cause, or will you expose this plot for what it is—an attack on our nation by a foreign power, the British Empire? We are at war, and we can accept nothing but total victory!

The U.S. and Europe Must Have the Courage to Reject Geopolitics and Collaborate with the BRICS

This petition is authored and sponsored by the Schiller Institute and is being circulated internationally.

In today’s nuclear age, the consequence of a geopolitical policy of confrontation with Russia and China can only be the thermonuclear extinction of the human race. Therefore, every effort must be made to cooperate to solve the multiple crises facing humanity.
The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have united to pursue a policy of economic development not just for their individual countries, but for the benefit of the people of all nations. To that end, they have created a New Development Bank to invest billions in necessary development projects.
China recently initiated the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), joined by over 20 Asian nations as founding members, and has set up a Silk Road Development Fund.
At the APEC conference in Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping invited President Obama to join the efforts of China and other Asian nations, including Russia, in the development of the New Silk Road.
These initiatives are not geopolitical in nature. Contrary to the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) advocated by Obama, which excludes Russia and China, the BRICS-related initiatives including the Chinese proposed Free Trade Area of the Asian Pacific (FTAAP), are inclusive. They are based on the concept expressed by the late Pope Paul VI that the “new name of peace is development.” Thus, in Australia at the recent G-20 meeting, both Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Modi spoke of the twin goals of achieving global peace and ending poverty through economic development.
There is no problem in the world that cannot be solved by such an approach, and conversely, no problem that will be solved without it.
Such cooperation between the U.S., Russia, China, South Africa and India, among other nations, is necessary to defeat the Ebola pandemic in Africa.
The terrorist threat represented by ISIS and Al-Qaeda is aimed equally at Russia, China, and India, as well as the U.S. and Europe. It can only be defeated through a new security architecture based on cooperation.
The policy of conducting “color revolutions” under the pretext of democracy, represents a policy of war, even if that term is not used, because its aim is to topple governments with the aid of foreign money. It has to stop. The campaign to impose sanctions on Russia for its opposition to such “color revolutions” and to a Nazi coup in Ukraine, is only exacerbating the global crisis. An approach based on mutual cooperation to achieve the common ends of mankind throughout Eurasia and beyond, would instead create the basis for global peace.
While the U.S. has abandoned the Kennedy space programme, the Chinese are committed to a lunar programme focused on the exploitation of helium-3 for the purpose of generating unlimited fusion energy. With collaboration between the U.S., Europe, Russia, China and India, among other nations, man could finally realise Johannes Kepler’s vision of mastery of the laws of the solar system for the benefit of man.
Only such an approach would restore the United States and Europe to their original purpose as expressed in the European Renaissance and the American Revolution, a purpose which the U.S. and Europe have increasingly abandoned, and the rest of the world has now adopted and is now urging them to readopt.
We therefore call upon the U.S. and Europe to abandon the suicidal geopolitical policies of the past which led to the two previous World Wars and are leading to a third, and to build a future for all humanity by readopting the principle of the Treaty of Westphalia, by basing foreign policy on the principle of the “benefit of the other,” which ended the Thirty Years War in Europe, and on John Quincy Adams’ concept of a “community of principle among sovereign nation states.”
That is the only course coherent with the true nature of man as the only creative species. Any other course is based on a concept of man as an animal, and leads to human extinction. As patriots of our own nations, and as citizens of the world, we call on our fellow citizens and the leaders of our nations to have the courage to break the current cycle of escalating bestiality, by accepting the generous offer to collaborate with the BRICS.
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