South Africa Local Elections – UBUNTU Party Gaining Ground !!!

Some really positive news here : South Africa`s Ubuntu Party gets stronger by the day !

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Final Vote Count Increases UBUNTU Presence

I did not expect any more votes to come in from some urban areas that took longer to count. This was a surprise and the last votes that came in were form the Soweto and Johannesburg – we received an additional 288 votes.
This means that we have a new final total of 2752 votes. An average of 212 per 13 municipalities that we contested. If extrapolated to all 278 municipalities we would receive 58,850 votes in South Africa.
A reminder that this is a 10 X increase in the number of votes we received in the 2014 national elections. But the real achievement for UBUNTU was to establish  huge ground support across SA.In Waterval Boven alone, we have more than 2000 signed up members. We area about to launch the UBUNTU Youth Movement – The Young Lions whose task it will be to spread the message to the brainwashed adults who are destroying their future. More about this soon.
We will create exchange programmes between other youth movements around the world to interact and share knowledge, information and experiences. Much more to come.

for more info on this inspiring movement click HERE

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