South Africa -Land Expropriation IS NOT about White Farmers

In this presentation two men give their view , on behalf of their communities, of what Expropriation Without Compensation means to them. The first speaker explains that the expropriation of land is a continuing reality, a reality that stretches back to 1913 and CONTINUES to this day where official title deeds to property owners in Alex have still not, after decades been granted. The second speaker makes the point that many of the informal settlements in the Johannesburg / Pretoria area are prime property locations for developers, THIS is the real target of the amendment to Section 25 of the Constitution and the proposed Expropriation Bill.

Source: ChannelFmF

Alex township highlights failure of EWC when politics prevails – FMF media briefing


Published on 25 Jan 2019

Politics will hijack EWC and black people will be the main victims. The situation in Alexandra township clearly demonstrates what happens when politicians use land as an election tool.
Spokespeople from Alex residents associations will tell their story and explain why:
“It must never again be possible for any present or future government in any form or at any level to expropriate land or other property from black people without full and fair compensation.” – APOR Chairman Vakele Richard Mbalukwana

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