SOUTH AFRICA , it is the Brits who are breaking your rainbow

The following is the transcript from excerpts of  an interview done by LaRouche TV with Ramasimong  Tsokolibane after the Obama state visit to South Africa, during which Ramasimong and other members of LaRouche South Africa protested the honorary award granted by South Africa to President Obama, saying that this was akin to honoring Hitler .The gentle words from this interview offer a profound wisdom on the state of South Africa, past present and future.Lyndon LaRouche`s belief in the brotherhood and value of mankind is mirrored in our ancient African souls.Ramasimong Tslokobane shares with us precious information on how South Africa`s liberation was infiltrated and undermined.

“This organization, the Pan African Congress of Azania, was started by Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe when they broke away from the ANC Youth League because they were no longer happy with the way the ANC was going; especially with the Kliptown Charter, what is called the Freedom Charter. They felt that the ANC had reneged or had been derailed maybe by the Brits, even if they didn`t know what had happened at that time.  They said that the Whites, even the Indians, had infiltrated the ANC. Because their Freedom Charter document had not been circulated as per the constitution of the ANC at that time; it had to be circulated within the branches so that when the delegates arrived in Kliptown, they should have discussed it at the branch levels. So that was not done, it was sneaked. This can be verified by Chief Albert Luthuli who was the president of the ANC. He didn`t know about the document. He was not at the meeting simply because he was under banning orders, he was not supposed to be with many people. When they came back from Kliptown, he echoed the sentiments that  this document, where does it come from ?It should have been circulated to the branches before,  so how was it adopted? So Sobukwe and the others felt it was the parting of the ways  because the ANC  had moved away from the program of action of 1949. So the PanAfricanists within the ANC broke away and formed the PAC.

Robert_Sobukwe Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe


Now with the formation of the PAC, Humanity, Humankind was the key policy. They felt that an organization had to follow humanistic policies; so this humanity affected me very much.


That is why when I met the LaRouche ideas it was easy to absorb them. There was an old man Philemon Sekoatle, who passed away, who introduced me to the LaRouche ideas. When Mr LaRouche was in prison, Philemon Sekoatle and another gentleman visited him in jail. When they came back from the United States he went about spreading these ideas. It was difficult at first because the ideas are above a normal `low` human being because they are pitched high. He always talked about the Queen.You know we always talked about local politics then you would always say the Queen, the Queen, the Brits are behind this. We didn`t understand  simply because of the axioms so that kept us away but we ended up reading and reading and understood and that`s when we joined that was in 1991,  I think. When he (Philemon) passed away I took the mantel so that we should go on. It`s difficult campaigning with these ideas simply because we are in the tentacles; South Africa having been a colony of the British and went on to become an Afrikaner colony but still with the Brits at the top. So its a bit difficult. Our people understand local politics, they just want to talk local politics. They think we are from outer space when we talk about this.One gentleman on Saturday ( the Obama protests) kept saying- where are we from? I said no we are from Soweto. He said -no, you are not from this country, you must be from America, this what you are talking of can only be spoken of by people from America- And it is not the first time people have said such things……………………and I am not sorry to have met the ideas of Mr Lyndon LaRouche. Simply because he is my brother, he loves Africans, he loves Africa, he loves countries on the other side of the oceans as if they are his fellow countrymen. And this love is epitomized by agape in the Bible. You look at Corinthians 13, Paul talks about this love, agape, I call it agape. This didn`t come only from Paul. This love was there before Paul. People like Socrates and the others always epitomize this. And we South Africans we have this love. We take you as a brother, we don`t take you as an outsider, that this is a foreigner. No! this is something new to us. This can be epitomized by King Mosheshwe. King Mosheshwe was king of Lesotho. When the Afrikaners were taking over the land of the Basotho, he mentioned that now we have given you land it looks like our cows can`t graze on our land, they must graze in the heavens or in the sky. So this love that Mr LaRouche showed to Mankind really encouraged me to join this movement, the Larouche movement. I wish , I hope everybody can love his brother or his sister whether on the other side of the ocean or wherever he is, because that is the key of Mankind. You must always be your brother`s keeper.

In response to the question of the perception of the United States in South Africa, at present under the mass murdering policies of Obama and the perception of the U.S. as it once was under the likes of Franklin Roosevelt……


Yes,  the unfortunate part is that people here in South Africa do not understand politics of this higher level. People say – ` no these things are happening in other countries so they do not affect us. we should concentrate on local politics. The coming of Obama here will create jobs` –  like the government is telling them. Our government accepted Obama with open arms. Our activity on Saturday was mainly blocked by the local press, the South African press…………….. ( which was instructed to only portray the positive aspects of the Obama visit)…….. So our people think only good things will come of this visit. He has promised that he is going to invest billions in infrastructure, and especially electricity. We are having electricity problems simply because we haven`t moved onto nuclear. We have one nuclear power station in this country in the Cape, the Western Cape, the Koeberg ( Nuclear Power Station) which was done by the Afrikaners. This government has failed to go onto make nuclear stations. They do promise they will be going nuclear but so far they haven`t issued tenders. The Russians, the French are willing to come to the party to help us light up South Africa.There are still people in this country who do not have electricity. What president Obama is promising is something like candles-windmills, solar. We don`t need solar to power our big plants. We really, really  need nuclear but the government didn`t even join the talks, the speech,  that Pres.Zuma delivered. But it looks like we are going nuclear. The talks by Obama didn`t derail him. And another thing, although he wasn`t that much anti-Obama, he didn`t want to come out with that, but he showed in his speech that the actions of the United Nations, especially the question of the no-fly zone, that these organizations-you sign for something and they do something else.Because he did sign on for the no-fly zone but they went on to kill Gadhaffi. His speech showed that he is still not happy with that.He is still not happy with the way the UN is going. He feels that the African must be given space to come up with African solutions;that they must solve African problems. But then we go back to the question, yes, some people do know about Abraham Lincoln and all the other things about America, but we have a friend. We have a friend in America and that is a friend like we need today not an enemy like Obama. But then there is this question of the media. The Brits are controlling the media here. They want people to enjoy local politics. You look at pres. Obama, he`s come up to the University of Johannesburg. He has a group of youths from around the African continent, he wants to take them away to America to teach them leadership skills.But former Pres. Mbeki has an institute here, right in Pretoria, the Thabo Mbeki  Institute that has gathered African youths who they are trying to teach because he has gone through the experience of the international governments or powers playing with the African presidents. So he is trying to correct that with the youths.


If Pres.Obama is sincere why doesn`t he pour money into that institute? What is it that he is going to teach these youths. Surely he is going to teach them the wrong things that when they come back as future leaders or as leaders then they are going to lead us the way he is leading America. He is killing even American citizens, he`s spying on American citizens so we really do expect such things. This is not a leadership  that is going to come up and do good things for the African continent, it`s going to be a leadership that is going to sell the African continent. They are just going to be subjects of the Brits. That`s another thing that we are emphasizing that Pres. Obama is just being used as a subject by the British. He`s doing their  job. He`s even worse than the drunkard Bush. You can see what he has done. I recall mentioning the Snowden case,  he is now a refugee simply because of Pres. Obama. But all in all we still have a long way to go, we still have a lot of work to do to try and teach our people the correct things;  teach them that in America we have a friend. Yes, there will come presidents like Obama but if we stand our ground we will get a friend in America, we will get what the founding fathers of American Republic intended us to get.

second half of this interview in Part II