LaRouche Movement Warns of ‘Regime Change’ Coup
Against South African Government

July 1, 2015—Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane, the spokesman in South Africa for the movement of American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche, today warned that forces linked to the US State Department and Wall Street are orchestrating a coup against the elected government of South Africa. The coup, said Tsokolibane, will take the form of a ‘colour revolution’ of the type used to impose a Nazi government in the Ukraine, and could involve plunging the country into chaos and virtual civil war.
‘The best assessment of intelligence specialists in the US and Europe is that this coup plot is already set in motion, and is likely to reach a critical inflection point by the end of August’, said Tsokolibane. ‘The intention of those forces backing this coup is to take South Africa out of the BRICS association of nations, which poses an alternative to the collapsing trans-Atlantic London-Wall Street dominated financial system. Our country plays a crucial role for the BRICS in Africa, and as South Africa grows, its global role will grow in importance. South Africa will benefit greatly from the development policies it backs’.
‘It would be a grave mistake to look at the current political strife in our country, especially recent attacks on the Zuma government, as separate from this intention to break up the BRICS by any means necessary. You would be foolhardy to imagine that there is not massive and illegal manipulation of our internal affairs by these same networks, whose sponsorship and actual direction lies outside our national borders’.
‘Since the beginning of this year, we have been publishing articles exposing the coup plotters in our country and elsewhere. An earlier example is the case of the Ukraine coup, where US State Department official Victoria Nuland served as the ringmaster, both behind the scenes and out front, before the media. Nuland boasted in December 2013 that the Obama administration had spent $5 billion orchestrating and funding coup preparations; it installed a Nazi puppet regime two months later. No such boasts have been made about South Africa, but there are signs that a similar modus operandi of building and funding protests and engineering a shock event is under way. In our case, there may be an attempt to force the ruling party to replace the President with someone chosen in Washington’.
‘While legitimate and lawful political protest is a right guaranteed under our constitution, the orchestration of a coup is not, nor is collaboration with foreign powers to undermine our elected government’, said Tsokolibane. ‘I believe we must scrutinise and challenge the motives of all those who would place our government in a weakened position, including the individuals and groups who attack the government’s support for the BRICS and the government’s plans for near-term future development programs. Our future depends on the success of these initiatives, not on some partisan political agenda, but a policy in the national interest’.
‘We call upon all political parties and factions, if they are patriotic and sensible, to unite in defense of our national sovereignty against the foreign backers of this proposed coup, and their dupes and agents in this country. You have been warned!’
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