South Africa in the New World Order

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 ‘Racism’ or blasphemy against the man gods of Sadistic South Africa

Another accusation of “racism”. Another student “blackface” incident at the University of Stellenbosch. Metaphysical racism has, like sin, become a universal obsession. One will beg for forgiveness, pay for an indulgence, do penance.

The so-called “New South Africa” is plumbing new depths of absurdity and political correctness. The system, a Frankensteinian creation of the hapless FW de Klerk who sold his own people out for a few unctious compliments in the British media, as well as money, is now indistinguishable from Uganda under His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular.

As Amin bestowed that illustrious title upon himself, so South Africa has collectively knighted itself as a “democracy” without the foggiest notion of what the dead white males who enthused about that concept a few hundred years ago actually meant. It is somehow confounded with the ritual of voting. Iraqis voted en masse for Saddam and so did Russians for their great leader Joseph Stalin. Except that Saddam Hussein was not an ally of the USA, whereas during World War II Stalin was. So Saddam came to a sticky end after surviving on Mars bars in a hole in the ground, while Stalin held the position of general secretary of the Soviet Communist Party for 31 years until he died in office on 5 March 1953.

Probably Robert Mugabe, that other great “democrat” applauded by his voters in election after election, will expire in office too. I don’t know if there is betting in who will abdicate first, Mugabe or Elizabeth II, but my money is on the British monarch.

Both Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe, not to forget about Jacob Zuma, represent self-parodies of a kind. To paraphrase Tolstoy’s famous first line from Anna Karenina: Western democracies are all alike; every African one is “democratic” in its own way. Political theory has long deserted us when it comes to the brave New South Africa. Literature, especially of the more extreme kind, is alone in giving us some oblique ray of insight into our predicament.

It is a truism that South Africa is “the murder and rape capital of the world”. In the world media you will only read about Sharpeville and Soweto and a few negligible riots in which blacks perished at the hands of mostly black and white policemen. Even though leftists see in those incidents some great meaning about “racism” and “white supremacy”, it is more mundane than that. It has more to do with crowd bevaviour, with survival and self-defence. In most countries similar situations have occurred in the twentieth century, and no-one considers them emblematic of entire cultures or histories.

Only in a land lorded over by simpletons could Sharpeville or Soweto be proudly commemorated. And as I say, there is no real meaning there; only the gruesome calamity of accidents. By the way, besides being “the murder and rape capital”, South Africa is also the “accident capital” with carnage on the roads, caused among other things by minibus taxi drivers flouting the law and the traffic with gay, anarchic abandon. They drive anywhere they like, in any way they see fit. And our policemen and traffic policemen just look on, unless they can stop them to collect a bribe.

Death and destruction alliterate with “democracy”. That much you can say about South Africa. However, the supreme irony is that in such a society, so inured to violence, corruption, prostitution and depravity, there should exist a religious sense of blasphemy and racial sensitivity.

Having abandoned God and any distinction between right and wrong, the “South African” now prays to man. Nietzsche actually wrote the script for this new adulation of man that pertains in this “paradise of cruelty” (to borrow a phrase from journalist Stephen Smith whose book Negrologie I co-translated into Afrikaans). But not just any man. The new god is the black man against whom “thou shalt not blaspheme”. “Racist symbolism”, such as students painting their faces a dark colour, or even the slightest innuendo – think of Sunette Bridges’s use of the innocuous Afrikaans term groenie (“greenie”) which landed her in the equality court literally a thousand miles away – are more taboo than brutal murders or the unspeakable sexual crimes we read about in the daily press.

C’est le monde à l’envers, as the French saying goes. There are areas of black culture that one does not want to get into; I think that is what previous Afrikaner governments understood when they made an “apartheid law” in about 1957 in which they banned human sacrifice, trade in body parts and other forms of the “dark arts” which to us is not a Harry Potter fantasy, but a social reality.

Every few months, a Mr. Guy Robertson from the Western Cape phones me to complain breathlessly that neither the government nor the media are interested in the victims of seasonal “iniatition rituals” among Xhosa boys and young men. He calls them the “Makwetas”. Maybe some university Marxist has decided that it’s a racist term; I don’t know. I will take the risk of repeating it. At the risk of wading into the more unsavoury aspects of the dark side, and for the unitiated (pun intended) into South African conditions: Nelson Mandela himself participated in such an initiation ceremony during which one is circumcised, usually with an assegai or some other blunt, unsterilised instrument. Since 1994 and the glorious advent of the ANC-SACP, more than 1600 initiates have died as a result of such ceremonies and thousands more have been scarred or maimed for life. According to Mr. Robertson, just in 2015 the death toll was 90, far more than in any infamous clash between police and rioters under so-called “apartheid”. He has even complained to the South African Human Rights Commission about the practice. Needlessly to say, the SAHRC politely failed to respond to his complaint. No newspaper or radio station “will touch it”, as they say. He has even left messages on president Jacob Zuma’s complaints line that was instituted a few years ago with great fanfare.

Now you understand. Severing some young black man’s penis during the course of an informal medical procedure in the veld is fine, but for a white girl on campus to paint her face purple or any dark colour – I sometimes wonder about all the tan-coloured “base” that women apply as part of their make-up – is an odious crime and “act of racism”. First we had “speech acts” and now we have “symbolic crimes”.

Regarding “speech acts”, one of the few non-PC black authors in recent times has been the American linguist John McWhorter. As I hinted above, antiracism is the new religion in South Africa. And completely independently of myself and South Africa, McWhorter has come to the same conclusion regarding the USA. In a piece last year entitled Antiracism, our flawed new religion, he refers to Americans by their inverted acronym, the “Nacirema”, a term he first heard from his mother:

These days, there is something else about the Nacirema—they have developed a new religion. That religion is antiracism. Of course, most consider antiracism a position, or evidence of morality. However, in 2015, among educated Americans especially, Antiracism—it seriously merits capitalization at this point—is now what any naïve, unbiased anthropologist would describe as a new and increasingly dominant religion. It is what we worship, as sincerely and fervently as many worship God and Jesus and, among most Blue State Americans, more so.

Western society has really come full circle, and the Enlightenment is fast receding into the distance. Antiracism is not even Dogmatic Reason, as Kant euphemistically referred to a certain kind of Christian thinking; it is sectarian zealotry as bad – or worse – as Salafism.

But in South Africa we have the added element of sadism. Among the ranks of the “mortal gods” we are supposed to worship, are to be found the perpetrators of extreme sadistic murders, even on children, as well as group rape. The ANC came to power by means of the ultimate act of cruelty, the notorious “necklace” execution by which it wiped away its moderate black opponents. That is the supreme irony: the intense sensitivity of the sadists to verbal slights, to violations of linguistic etiquette. You may start every sentence with a four-letter word, you may preach hatred and even white genocide as so many ANC officials and even government officials have recently done. But beware the white who utters the word “greenie” or some platitude about “freedom of speech” as Gareth Cliff did. Then you will be named and shamed, fired from your job and legally persecuted; you have blasphemed against the man gods and you will be punished for it! The days are surely not far when people will be imprisoned for what Orwell called “thoughtcrime”. Not only the actual words we use, but our very thoughts will be scrutinised for their hidden deviation from or subtle transgression of the new religion.

It started off as a fantasy in the minds of science-fiction and dystopian authors, such as George Orwell or Ray Bradbury. But the Dark Age is truly upon us; South Africa is leading the way, closely followed by the Anglo-Saxon countries such as the USA and UK. Just the other day a 15-year old British boy was arrested for committing a speech crime towards a football player “of colour”. Yes, arrested. If he had hurled abuse at a white player, no-one would have objected.

That we need a New Englightenment is patently obvious, preferably without the flaws of the old. But a world dominated by the Nacirema and their antiracist religion is turning out to be more sufficating than Marxist-Leninism. Despite his brutality, Stalin still tolerated the Bolshoi ballet and symphony orchestras as well as classical Russian authors. He did not declare all books, art works and thinking produced before Obama and Mandela to be “racist”.

If left unchecked, where could this new faith take us?