Soros`s Poster Boy Complains About DRC Election Results

Soros`s Poster Boy Complains About DRC Election Results

by PD Lawton, 19 January 2019

People like Jason Stearns masquarade as social- justice- human -rights- warriors. In reality they are either severly self- deluded or simply liars. Whatever their motivation, they are poster boys for the American Deep State, poster boys and girls for Wall Street and the City of London`s extractive interests in African countries such as the DRC.

In a recent New York Times article, Jason Stearns expresses his displeasure on the election of Felix Tshisekedi. He says it is an imperfect victory for democracy.He does not mention that this was the very first democratic election from one living president to another. He does not say that by and large it was extremely peaceful and well run by the Kabila administration. He, like the Roman Catholic Church`s interests, seems to think there is a hot line to God who sent an sms of the results beforehand.

Stearns has a very poor memory and despite being American, thinks that public opinion polls reflect the results of referendums and elections.

Stearns writes this outrageous statement -” Foreign diplomats should refrain from recognizing Mr. Tshisekedi’s victory until this has been done” ( meaning a re-count). His statement is outrageous because it is exactly such obstructive behaviour that could turn a peaceful election outcome into yet more violence for the DRC.

Stearn`s article is a propaganda piece and it is full of holes. It is possible to say that there are over 70 militant groups in the eastern Congo but to say as Stearns does,that there are over 120, is nearly doubling the numbers.

There is a lot more that needs to be said about Jason Stearns and his Hollywood Mickey Mouse friends in the Fake Left.



This is a link to an excellent article by Keith Harmon Snow about what such people have been doing in African mineral-rich countries.

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