Some Pertinent Reflections On the Biden Laptop from Hell

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“The evidence of Biden’s shocking racism is presently making the rounds in barber and beauty shops, on radio shows, in churches, and on podcasts, as those to whom he said, “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black,” digest Joe Biden’s actual character. Biden has said, in opposing busing, that he didn’t want his children in the “jungle,” where black folks live, has called Barack Obama the first “clean” black candidate, and said that young black men were “predators.” He infamously wrote and sponsored the crime bills which imprisoned an entire generation of young black folks as “crack” was deliberately flooded through the nation’s black communities. Mandatory long sentences attached to crack, but the elite’s preferred powdered cocaine got a relative slap on the wrist.

That’s not the full story of the racist hypocrite who has campaigned on the intelligence community setup known as “Charlottesville,” repeatedly contrasting his claimed superior wokeness to what he claims is Donald Trump’s failure to denounce white supremacy. This endlessly repeated fake news isolates one sentence in Donald Trump’s Charlottesville remarks, that there were good people on both sides, from the rest of his remarks which denounced white supremacy repeatedly”

Some Pertinent Reflections On the Biden Laptop from Hell

November 2, 2020

by Barbara Boyd

Oct. 31—In New Hampshire, in 1988, my husband, Elijah Boyd, formerly of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, and then and now a close associate of Lyndon LaRouche, confronted Senator Joe Biden at a fundraiser. Biden was then, as now, running for the office of President of the United States. “Lyndon LaRouche has launched a campaign to preserve classical voices and orchestral performances by advocating a return to the Verdi tuning of A=432, or C=256, and I want to know if you agree with this idea,” Boyd asked. Biden hemmed and hawed, going around the barn, so to speak, until he was sharply reminded, “the question, Senator, was on agreement on tuning.” The retort was, “I know LaRouche. I’ve studied him. The problem with LaRouche is, he believes the American People are more intelligent than they really are.”

Very shortly thereafter, Biden abandoned his 1988 campaign based on media investigations demonstrating that he had plagiarized a speech from British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock. The speech from Lord Kinnock, an avid Biden supporter, was the British Democratic Socialist response to the brutal Margaret Thatcher. It was a very British version of Franklin Roosevelt’s “Forgotten Man” Speech. So, if you will, it too was plagiarized, and coming from the Labour Party of that time, a deliberate fraud—a complete con—in its alleged “empathy” toward working- and middle-class men and women.

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