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Former Big Pharma executive confess harsh truth about drugs sold to Americans | FLOW OF WISDOM | SEAN ANTHONY

Former Big Pharma executive confess harsh truth about drugs sold to Americans

This is why I strongly do not like pharmaceutical companies. They are legal drug dealers. These large and extremely wealthy corporations are in the pockets of many politicians that write the laws and push legislation to protect them and their interests.

They put money into creating sicknesses and diseases so they can sell their over priced ineffective drugs. These drugs cause more problems than the original illness due to the side effects.

This is a video of Dr. John Rengen Virapen, a whistleblower who worked for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies, Eli Lily & Co


“I have spent 35 years of my life working in the pharmaceutical industry…..They do nothing but annihilate the population of this world. Why do they do that? Because they want to make money money money… of the largest and most evil pharma companies in the world, Eli Lilly & Co…...people are dying from taking medication that was legalized ( by bribery)……..what is the pharmaceutical industry doing to us? They are the most powerful industry in the world. they sleep in the same bed with governments. They use corruption to get what they want. Corruption involves money…..they also kill more people than all the wars we have in the world. We need the pharma industry because there are some good things out there but most of it is rubbish. They are not interested in curing any disease you may have. They are more interested in making you get diseases. They are interested in symptomatic treatment. They want patients who are diabetic, cardiology patients, Parkinsons, rheumatoid arthritis …because you live a long time and the drugs you take you have to take for the rest of your life. The press works also with the pharma industry just like the government does. The pharma companies use the media to implant its dirty work on you. Don`t take for granted what the doctor is telling you because the doctors these days, they don`t know much about medicine and they don`t care much about the patients. They think about how much they can get paid. And this is how the pharma industry reigns, stays in power, they buy the doctors.They pick them up when they are in medical school, pay their tuition, train them. Because the doctors don`t get information from anywhere else except the pharma industry……” Dr John Rengen Virapen

Dr Virapen`s book is in paperback and as an e book   `Medicine Cult – A Prescription for Side Effects and Death` by Dr John Virapen