The City of London, criminal banks and British Tax Havens – 2nd half of the program-

The City of London is not London City. The City of London is a corporation, the Corporation of London. This corporation is the most powerful in the world. It is the global raw materials cartel. The City of London is a mile square piece of land situated in London city. It is a sovereign state within a state like the Jesuit seat of power, Vatican City State situated within the city of Rome. See documentary `Secret City` by Michael Chanan and Dr Lee Salter. ”There is a political institutional order behind the City of London called the Corporation of London, that is actually the government of the City of London.” Source: Lee Slater. In the 1700s the Corporation of the City of London introduced to the world`s economic system which was already a form of capitalism, a new form of capitalism based on credit. The counter-side of the credit was a steady form of income for money-lenders based on debt. Not surprisingly St. Swithins Court is based within the City of London and is the headquarters of the Rothschild banking family. Until 2004, for the last 200 years this building has been where the world`s gold price was fixed on a daily basis, fixed being the operative word. Head of a state within a state the Lord Mayor of London is supreme monarch of all except the king/queen and presides over a council which is older than the Parliament of Westminster (Britain`s Parliament). The Council of the City of London has been in operation for the last 700 years. The king/queen of England has to request permission to enter the City, a formality which is still observed.

Britannia Rules The Waves.