Skull & Bones

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Skull & Bones

2014-5-30-new-cow-skull-3(Excerpted from Chapter 8: Project Frankenstein: Afghanistan: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

Afghanistan’s history can be traced back to a mystical cult known as the Roshaniya (all-seeing ones).  The symbol of the all-seeing eye prevalent across Asia and on the reverse side of the US $1 bill is a Roshaniya symbol.  The Roshaniya emerged from the same notorious Grand Lodge of Cairo which spawned the Assassins.

These early Afghan warlords, who terrorized that country under the leadership of Bayezid Ansari in the 16th century, were said to possess secret knowledge pertaining to the true origins of man.  Both the Knights Templar and the Muslim Brotherhood, which deployed in concert to attack Saracen Arab nationalists during the Crusades claim ties to the Roshaniya and their “sacred secrets”.

The Roshaniya was also known as The Order, mirroring the name of the German Nazi secret society Germanorden.  The US branch of The Order was launched in 1832 at Yale by General William Huntington Russell and Alfonso Taft, son of President William Howard Taft.  Russell’s family was part of the blue-blood Eastern Establishment, which rose to power on profits derived from the HSBC-led opium trade and from the Baring family-led African slaves for Southern cotton swap.  Russell’s brother had been an integral player in the British Opium Wars in China. [304]

The Yale branch of The Order became alternately known as Chapter 322, the Brotherhood of Death and Skull & Bones.  The group adopted the same skull and crossbones insignia which graced the Knights Templar flag during their Crusades expeditions and became the official crest of these “illuminated” pirates.  According to an expose of Skull & Bones written by Ron Rosenbaum for Esquire magazine, many of the group’s rituals mirror those of the Illuminati, which resurfaced in 14th century Germany out of Freemason and Rosicrucian lodges which Emperor Charlemagne had introduced to the country in the 9th Century. [305]

The Yale headquarters of Skull & Bones is known as the Tomb.  From this macabre base the Bonesmen set out to gain political and economic control of the new American republic.  Two other Yale secret societies, Scroll & Key and Wolf’s Head, are also comprised of progeny of the blue-blood Eastern Establishment.  Skull & Bones membership comes from a core group of 20-30 families including Whitney, Lord, Phelps, Wadsworth, Allen, Bundy, Adams and Bush.  The Russell Trust endows Skull & Bones and its finances are handled by Brown Brothers Harriman, whose senior partner Prescott Bush and son George were both Bonesmen.  Prescott helped fund the Nazis who emerged from Germanorden, while son George stated in the April 14, 1990 New York Times, “Let’s forgive the Nazi war criminals”. [306]

Outsiders are referred to as Gentiles or vandals. Whenever Skull & Bones is mentioned in conversation its members are taught to leave the room.  Rosenbaum says, “You…get the feeling there’s a lot of intermarriage among these families.  Year after year there will be a Whitney Townsend Phelps in the same Bones class as a Phelps Townsend Whitney…In fact one could make a half-serious case that functionally Bones serves as a kind of ongoing informal Establishment eugenics program.”

Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), who helped cover up Bush’s role in the BCCI and Iran/Contra scandals, is a Bonesman.  So is JP Morgan partner John Perkins, whose family founded Bank of Boston (now CS First Boston) with opium proceeds.  The Forbes family- which also made its fortune off Chinese opium and publishes Forbes magazine- are Bonesmen. So is Henry Luce, the publisher of Time and Life magazines, who was involved with the LSD escapades of Timothy Leary and William Mellon Hitchcock’s Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

During the 1980 Presidential campaign candidate Lyndon LaRouche attacked George Bush for his affiliation with Skull & Bones during the critical New Hampshire Republican primary, stating, “Skull & Bones is no mere fraternity…It is a very serious, very dedicated cult-conspiracy against the US Constitution.  Like the Cambridge Apostles, the initiate to the Skull & Bones is a dedicated agent of British secret intelligence for life.”  Many believe LaRouche’s NH assault may have cost Bush that important primary, paving the way for Reagan’s nomination.  LaRouche paid the price for his boldness, just as Reagan had for his threats against the Trilateral Commission.  LaRouche was targeted by the IRS and jailed.

The effort was no doubt spearheaded by Bush’s old friends at the CIA which, according to Yale history professor Gaddis Smith, has been influenced more by Yale than any other university.  Esquire’s Rosenbaum points out that the Yale slang for a member of a secret society is “spook”, a word also commonly heard in the halls of Langley.  Rosenbaum summarized his Skull & Bones inquiry with astonishment, writing that it was possible that an, “…impressionable young Russell just stumbled upon the same mother lode of pseudo-Masonic mummery as the Illuminists…the Eastern Establishment is the demonic creature of a clandestine elite manipulating history, and the Skull & Bones is one of its recruiting centers.”

A December 2003 CNN Anderson Cooper 360 expose on Skull & Bones said the group was founded in 1832 and owns the private Deer Island off the New York coast.  It found that initiates are required to recite their sexual histories and reported persistent rumors that The Tomb houses the skull of the great Apache leader Geronimo.

The all-seeing eye which Brotherhood of Death predecessor Roshaniya possessed is also known as the Third Eye among those who believe that Annunaki visitors to earth long ago produced through DNA manipulation a divine breed of hybrids which were both Gods (Annunaki) and men.  According to this secret doctrine, to which both the Illuminati and Priory of Sion subscribe, these hybrids were divided into seven sub-races – Rmoahals, Tvavatli, Toltecs, Turanians, Mongols, Akkadians and Aryans. [307]  With the destruction of Atlantis, the doctrine goes, these God-men scattered around the world and their godly mental and physical attributes began to degenerate through inter-breeding.  Hitler aired this fascist rubbish in Mein Kampf and the Rockefeller family’s eugenics fetish perpetuates it.

Skull & Bones serves to effectively keep Aryan Eastern Establishment blood pure, alien or not.  The Rothschild, Warburg, Kuhn, Loeb and Schiff banking families have all intermarried and are obsessed with the purity of their blood.  The Priory of Sion is dedicated to restoring the French Merovingan monarchy to the throne as World Kings because they say they believe family carries forth the bloodline of Jesus Christ- the Sangreal.  All believe that when the Third Eye, which is actually the pineal gland between the eyes, is opened man can have a clear vision of his origins.

The word “Aryan” is Sanskrit for “noble” indicating involvement by a much older bunch of fascists in formulating that ancient language.  A group of Aryans in Sumeria are connected to a tradition that includes numerous stories of gods who came from the sky.  Another branch of Aryans who entered India are mentioned in the Hindu Vedas in connection with gods who flew in flying machines called vimanas.  In light of the importance that the global elite place on this all-seeing Third Eye and its Roshaniya purveyors, it seems likely that an incident occurring in Afghanistan would be used as precursor to a more grandiose plan to impose their Great Work of Ages or New World Order upon mankind.

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