rHollywood Pope George C. of the Bleeding Hearts Club

Hollywood actor gets new acting role as Messenger of Peace/United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for British Propaganda Machine to continue covert destabilization in Sudan, DRC, Uganda and  Somalia.That should have been the news headlines in 2008.

George Clooney is part of a Public Relations PROPAGANDA Campaign to fool the Western public into supporting UK/USA military and humanitarian presence in Africa. The new 21st century warfare technique being used is humanitarian imperialism. Clooney (Clowney)is in good company with head of the African blood-sucking vampires:

angelina-jolie-sarajevo-09Angelina Jolie

seen here dressed for the role in the company of  William-paid by Tony Buckingham of Heritage Oil-Hague to conduct private wars in Sierra Leone and elsewhere and call it British Foreign Policy, paid for by broke British tax-payers.

These Hollywood prostitutes work for the Center for American Progress and the International Crisis Group. Organizations set up by Morton I.  Abramowitz and one of the god-fathers of the Kissinger African depopulation policy  ( NSSM 200), George Malloch Brown, Vice President of the World Bank. Abramowitz worked as a US Secretary of State for Intelligence and has been president of the Carnegie Endowment for International  Peace.  (Remember we are in the Orwellian Land of US/UK policy double-speak. So for intelligence agents read – covert war and destabilization and for peace read- death and destruction.)Funding is provided by George Soros who is a prime member of an elite white collar criminal network advocating the policies of the Corporation/City of London, otherwise known as the British Empire, corporate policy disguised as humanitarianism.

The humanitarian vampires are now promoting the Enough Project in the DRC under the umbrella organization  that merged from the Save Darfur Coalition, United to End Genocide. This is now one of the largest campaigns globally with a membership of over 800,000 global activists, a network of institutional investors and assets worth over $700 billion.The Enough Project under US CIA agent, John Prendergast with a Black Hollywood actor thrown in for cover, Don Cheadle, is on a mission in the DRC to exterminate the last of the Rwandan Hutu population living as refugees in the mineral-laden Eastern Congo.The FDLR ( the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda ( liberation from Kagame) who are the refugees have been given terrorist status which justifies their murder.

These children


were here


before a co-ordinated attack by so-called FARDC ( Congolese Armed Forces) using Napalm and 120mm mortars.Source: Ikaze Iwacu who get their information from the refugee community in DRC.

“No civilians were injured” in this the latest mission against rebel forces according to the internal media propaganda headlines.

The Enough Project like Save Darfur present a respectable image of caring humanitarian presence in `conflict zones`. Since 1994  the UNHCR has collaborated with  the Rwandan Armed Forces of the Butcher of Kigali, Paul Kagame,” hauling truck loads of refugees from neighbouring countries after promising them that they will be well looked after…”This happened to scores of refugees who were forced or tricked into returning to Rwanda from camps in Tanzania, Burundi , Uganda and most of all the Democratic Republic of Congo. In one incident, and entire company of former soldiers was put on a plane by the UNHCR from Gabon back to Rwanda, and to this day, no one knows if even a single one survived. All of this took place within an modern international system well all these human beings had been documented by the world foremost refugee agency (UNHCR), and right now there are no traces of them ever having walked the face of o the earth.

It is also worth noting that during the RPF genocidal military campaign in Eastern Congo one of the ploys used by the RPF to round up Hutu refugees and slaughter them, was to trick them into assembling into specific locations to receive assistance from the UNHCR. Once a nice crowd was assembled, the RPF would send in its soldiers to kill every breathing living thing in sight. This was actually documented in the UN Mapping report. 

It is important to note that the FDLR Freedom fighters that the UN is trying to starve to death unless they accept to go back to Rwanda, and worship at the Altar of Kagame’s tyranny, have voluntarily accepted to lay down their weapons under the condition that the UN and the entire world community helps in convincing the Kigali government to engage in political negotiations that should result in everlasting peace in the whole region. But as it is becoming apparent day by day, the UN is not interested in peace.” Source :| IKAZE IWACU :  KISANGANI: ONCE AGAIN THE UN IS USING STARVATION AS A MEANS TO FORCE HUTU REFUGEES BACK INTO KAGAME’S MURDEROUS HANDS, 12 Feb 2015

The Enough Project sells the line that  :Armed groups earn hundreds of millions of dollars every year by trading conflict minerals. These minerals are in all our electronics devices.  Government troops and militias fight to control the mines, murdering and raping civilians to fracture the structure of society. Gold, tin, tantalum, tungsten (the “3 T’s”), are mined in eastern Congo and are in all consumer electronics products. Locals in mining communities are forced to take part in the illicit mining economy. Money earned from the sale of conflict minerals is used for personal profit and to further violent causes.

This is an ever re-hashed story about savagery in Africa and evil despotic warlords brutalizing their own people, as if there was no social cohesion, no humanity left in the `heart of darkness`.Essentially this is racist propaganda and only those who do not see Rwandans or Congolese as our brothers and sisters will believe that  a brutal tendency within the African psyche is responsible for decades of never ending evil, corrupt dictatorships and a plague of war. The warlord story is also used in the Sudan and long used in Somalia to justify the militarized and humanitarian presence of foreign forces since 1991 when America put 30 000 troops into Mogadishu to save Somalians from Somali warlords who were and are  a creation of MI6/CIA destabilization.

So the evils of the DRC are placed in the hands of rebel militia outfits claiming the riches of coltan, gold etc.John Prendergast and his Hollywood side-kick, Don Cheadle ( from more propaganda – the USA/UK version of the Rwandan genocide = Hotel Rwanda) are going to save the Congolese from conflict minerals.


Frikkin saints


here they are again, John CIA Prendergast and Don Cheadle in Darfur. They are so clean and shiny and dust free, big, kind, clean humanitarians.John Prendergast is friends with Eric Reeves and Roger Winter.Roger Winter is UNHCR top man. He is good at his job of saving refugees in concentration (sorry – refugee/IDP )camps because he knows where the next one will be needed as he is working on the next war to create the next humanitarian crisis.

Handout photo of John Prendergast, Eric Reeves, Brian D'Silva, Ted Dagne and Roger Miller

John Prendergast, Eric (spindoctor) Reeves and Roger Winter. Three of the most disgusting agents of British corporatism.

So the official United Nations line is that warlords are responsible for blood diamonds and blood coltan.Tony Blair and his Zionist puppet crew promote Paul Kagame`s Rwanda as `an example of modernized Africa` and Tony Blair with his African Governanace Initiative is in Kigali (AGI also in Sierra Leone since Tony Blair`s `Good War) advising the Kigali regime on good governance. Business buddies and shared financial interests would be less attractive if the long term plan for Rwanda were to be confined within the present rather small national boundaries. Which is the connection to the ethnic cleansing of 1) the Rwandan Hutu population in DRC who remain the opponents of Kagame dictatorship ( along with the backing of 80% of Rwandans inside Rwanda unable to speak freely)

and 2) the depopulation of Eastern Congo of native Congolese.

If the British corporate interests were to realize their genocidal dreams then Rwanda would annex part of Kivu which is the area of Eastern Congo saturated in every mineral known to man.


Past Prime Minister of UK and present President of Rwanda – WRONG- both men are clients of the City of London/British Empire and paid by MNCs like  RioTinto, Glencore Xstrata and British Petroleum

The Enough Project are there to ease the public conscience with certified conflict-free technology, a sort of fair-trade coltan arrangement where miners only work for decent MNCs like RioTinto and get holiday pay so they can go home to their candle-lit family hut. The warlords will be tried and are being tried in the great white kangaroo court of Her Majesty Queen Liz II, guilty or not.And all the while the real warlords, the  Warlords of Westminster and Washington pose as lawful governments, the United Nations and their coteries of humanitarian fascists white-wash a genocidal policy.

The rebel forces in the DRC are a phoenixed version of a single entity that emanates from Paul Kagame`s Rwanda. No sooner has the mostly Rwandan-controlled  Congolese Armed Forces along with the MONUSCO United Nations forces removed a `regional security threat`, another emerges to take its place; presenting to a dumb public a theatrical charade of name-changing.While the Western media bows to the propaganda of Tutsi holocaust and grinds into the public mind an image of blood-thirsty machete wielding Hutu genocidaires.

Both Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast forget that more than 5 hundred thousand Hutu refugees were massacred in Walikale, Tingitingi, Amisi, Lubuthu, Kisangani, Ubundu, Ikella, Masisi, Kibabi, Mbandaka, and Tongo between 1996 and 2000 and yet Enough Project has never bothered to write even one article condemning the RPF. All they do is publish numerous articles showering President Kagame with praises as an exemplary leader, despite the fact that in recent months, more than 40000 Rwandans disappeared and 40 bodies were found in Lake Rweru in the year 2014 alone. This is blatant hypocrisy! Source: ENOUGH PROJECT: JOHNNIE AND SASHA ARE ON A MISSION TO KILL OFF HUTU POPULATIONS FROM EASTERN DRC. | IKAZE IWACU

Now in South Sudan after the onslaught of Save Darfur one fact alone explains the answer to this humanitarian crisis. Glencore Xstrata own 49% of South Sudanese oil rights and life for the average person in this fabrication of a balkanized Sudan has little changed.


All that is left to this generation is to await those clean shiny humanitarians, John Prendergast and Don Cheadle who will dig a well and hand out some Bob Geldof band-aids before going home to their penthouses in  Westminster and Washington secure in the knowledge that they alone have helped the shareholders of multi national corporations.

Sources: Ikaze Iwacu    and   conciousbeingalliance




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