Saudi King of the “phony southern Arabia”

Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa, indicates how far the ANC  has sunk down into the quagmire of corporate lies.”South Africa lauds King Abdullah for his leadershp role and efforts as a peace-maker and mediator, particularly in the Middle East region.

That is like saying Hitler was a good Christian.

saudyan-arabiayi-tag-n62119-1King Abdullah in good company

Yes, these two were best friends because it was the BRITISH EMPIRE that created Saudi Arabia and its monarchy !

The destruction of the Islamic Ottoman Empire was the reason for World War I. Britain and France then divided up and shared the spoils of the Middle East.Britain installed the puppet monarchy of Saudi Arabia and created what President Gamal Nasser of Egypt, called “the phony southern Arabia” . Since then, Saudi Arabia has been at the helm of destroying Islamic unity and creating within the Islamic  world extremism like Al Qaeda which is antithetical to the teachings of the Quran.

The British puppet dictatorship of the Saudi Monarchy has overseen extreme brutality to the People of Saudi Arabia, which has long held one of the worst human rights records.

nasser109Egypt`s Hero, Pres Gamal Nasser in the days when there was still truth in the world

from African Agenda, the New World Order in Africa by PD Lawton

History is written to glorify whatever the ruling class want to glorify.

World War I was started on the pretext of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne and ended up with the restructuring of power across Europe and the Middle East, collateral damage was the death of over 37 million people. The war was between the Triple Entente of Britain, France and Russia against Germany and the Austria- Hungarian Empire. When war broke out the Ottoman/Turkish/Islamic Empire took the side of Austria-Hungary and Germany. WWI saw the defeat not just of Germany but of the Islamic Empire which Britain and France duly divided up between them. Russian sovereignty was also destroyed by WWI. Czar Nicholas II of the Russian monarchy had got wind of the planned League of Nations, which was the British Imperialist plan for Europe and the reason behind the orchestration of WWI. He and his family were murdered in 1918 and the British agents within the Bolsheviks undermined and took control of Communism in Russia which was a massive and natural uprising against entrenched feudalism and the extreme poverty in which most people lived. Both Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire had by 1914 become highly industrialized and technologically progressive. The Islamic Empire traded preferentially with Germany and Austria-Hungary. This was the reason why they were destroyed and such punitive measures were taken against any further industrialization in Germany. The Islamic Empire was in control of the new gold of the 20th century, the Devil`s excrement-the oil fields of the Middle East. Britain used the war as a cover to move into the weaker regions of the Islamic Empire and encouraged ethnic groups to rebel against the Ottoman rulers and to become `independent`. On the pretext of offering protection while the newly liberated nations found their feet and in return for the weapons, money, advisors, forces and training provided to the rebellions; Britain and France colonized the Middle East with the Sykes-Picot Agreement. Also out of the Islamic Empire the modern state Turkey was created and enjoyed brief sovereignty and the Balkan states were created. The Sykes-Picot Agreement was made secretly in the winter of 1915 between France and Britain and was exclusive to any Arab/Islamic party. Britain took over Palestine, Iraq, and what is now called Kuwait and Jordan, while France took over Syria and created Lebanon. Britain maintained control of these protectorates by putting in monarchical rulers, loyal to the British Royalty. Britain kept its chosen rulers in power by supplying them with well-funded and well-armed militaries and buckets of aid in return for oil rights. Saudi Arabia was created out of thin air. President Gamal Nasser referred to Saudi Arabia as “the phony southern Arabia”. Saudi Arabia was created in 1922 and turned into a kingdom for British ally Ibn Saud. Sherif Hussein had been the prime British agent in the destabilization of the Islamic Empire. Faisal Hussein was a son of Sherif Hussein and it was he who was installed by Britain as King of Iraq. Jordan or Transjordan as it was initially called was a part of Palestine which was given to another of Sherif Hussein`s sons, Abdullah Hussein. Later more puppet kingdoms would be created out of British protectorates by oil barons for oil barons, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar are tools of the British Empire and responsible for money-laundering to fund terrorist organizations/desired rebellions and the destabilization and outright destruction of other Islamic nations.

When the USA and Britain invaded Iraq in 2003 to gain control of Iraq’s oil reserves this was  a replay of the Suez Crisis,  control of the Suez Canal and oil reserves in the Middle East in 1956.Fifty years later and bugger all has changed. (See YouTube: `The Other Side of the Suez`, documentary uploaded by Mohoram). The British invasion was given the public blessing based on a lie cooked up by British Intelligence and Antony Eden. Same old WMD`s all over again. Only with Egypt in 1956 the WMD was a loan from Khrushchev of the USSR. Nasser was labelled a communist and Egypt a regional threat. Nasser was anti-communism and all the world knew that. It was all an open lie just as was Saddam Hussein`s supposed cache. When Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal to pay for the Aswan dam in order to lift Egyptians out of poverty, Antony Eden commented on the BBC that “We all know this is how fascist governments behave. “ The further plan of the 1956 war, was regime change in Egypt and the downfall of Gamal Nasser and  involved a plot cooked up by France, in which Israel would bomb Egypt, Britain and France would then move their troops into Egypt in order to `protect the Suez shipping route `for the rest of the world` and act as peace negotiators between Israel and Egypt. Proof of this plot is in signed documents, The Sevres Protocol-proof of how a British Prime Minister was prepared to lie to his cabinet and public and lead his country into a fake war, deceived the world and deliberately engineered a war in the Middle East. Israeli forces duly invaded Egypt through the Sinai. Britain declared an ultimatum. Egypt and Israel must desist from war or Britain and France will enforce peace. British paratroopers invaded Port Said, while the RAF bomb Cairo. The day after the invasion, PM Eden says on the BBC…All my life I have been a man of peace, working for peace, striving for peace, negotiating for peace….devotion to peace…but I am utterly convinced the action I have taken is right.” Within days Port Said is razed and thousands of Egyptian civilian corpses litter the streets. Fifty years later Tony Blair says before parliament on the eve of Britain’s entry into Iraq-“…to show that we will stand up for what we know to be right, to show that we will confront the tyrannies, dictatorships and terrorists who put our way of life at risk.”