Rwanda`s Zombie Factory

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Rwandan Comedy - How To Turn Leaders Into Zombies


By David Himbara

Rwandan Local leaders have been turned into zombies. By the word “Zombie” I mean someone that is will-less, speech-less, and machine-like that is only capable of following orders from the overlord. And you might not recognize the Rwandan zombies. That is because they dress in military uniforms — but are not members of the armed forces.

Take a look at the new mayor of Rwandan capital, Kigali, Monique Mukaruriza. Mayor Mukaruriza is an articulate Rwandan lady that was once a Kagame minister, dumped, and recycled. Here she is as a civilian mayor.

Mukaruriza as herself — a bright Rwandan lady

Wait a minute. Who do we have here? Here is the same Kigali mayor Monique Mukaruriza turned into a fist-raising zombie in military attire.

Mukaruriza turned into military attire-wearing zombie

I wonder what this poor lady might be thinking — being turned into a zombie

Here are other mayors and local leaders turned into zombies in military attire with raised fists.


What do we have here?

Like in other totalitarian states, Kagame’s Rwanda aims at several things to consolidate his grip on power:

  • kagame0Brainwashing — the brainwashing of Rwandan people into obeying and idolizing Kagame is gathering more momentum. The regime’s propaganda machine is in overdrive ensuring that Rwandans are locked into adoption of the ruler’s point of view via mass rallies, radios, newspapers and social media. The single purpose is to glorify the Rwandan ruler, reinforcing his personality cult.
  • Zombies in control of local government — local government zombies appointed by Kagame or selected by executive bodies appointed by Kagame are now in total control.

With the newly-installed zombies, Kagame now believes that the will of the Rwandan people will be led in a single direction with one purpose — sustaining his rule until 2034 and beyond.

Will this work? As Karl Marx told us over 130 years ago “history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” Totalitarian rulers indeed rise and fall repeatedly — mostly as tragedy for citizens. Rwanda continues to have its share as we witness the current tragic drama.

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