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21 octobre 2015


As the Tanzanian people are getting ready for their traditional democratic event, Rwanda the most undemocratic country in the region, perhaps in Africa, is playing a major role in their electoral process. Going back in 1960 and 70’s CCM the ruling party in Tanzania had played a very indispensable role in African independence struggle When Tanzania, which was then called Tanganyika, attained its independence in 1961, President Nyerere strongly believed that his own country’s independence would be meaningless if other African countries were not free.

bannerHe was involved heavily in support of this goal for Zambia (1964), Malawi (1964), Botswana (1966), Lesotho (1966), Mauritius (1968), Swaziland (1968) and the Seychelles (1976). When the other countries of Southern Africa were forced into wars of liberation to eventually achieve the same end, Tanzania provided political, material and moral support until independence and majority rule was achieved in 1975 (Mozambique, Angola), 1980 (Zimbabwe), 1990 (Namibia) and finally, 1994 (South Africa).

President Nyerere had made it a goal to free all black natives from White supremacism, putting his presidency at risk, as well as his own country. Due to the political environment at a time, Tanzania found itself working closely with countries like China, while Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and Zaire (DRC) were working for the west.

Isolated Tanzania showed nationalism and resiliency no other countries couldn’t have handled. Namibian independence, Angola’s survival and South African ANC successes didn’t come cheap. Tanzania suffered economic isolation that is still felt today. Nevertheless in this era of post-cold war, Tanzania is perhaps the only country in the region that is enjoying little to no political tensions.

Imperialism had suffered a lot losing all its so called colonies because of CCM. That alone had placed CCM as one of the first priorities in western foreign policies toward Africa. CCM being genetically an African rebel, globalists have invest a great deal of resources to destroy it. The latest act of Tanzania under CCM against the western interests was in DRC in 2013. Tanzania deployed its ground forces to destroy Western proxy forces M23 (Rwandan Tutsis) in less than two weeks, after United Nations had been playing games with them for years, allowing them to kill, rape, most importantly steal Congolese wealth for Rwanda, Uganda and their allies. CCM’s rebellious act in eyes of western globalist agencies had intensified globalists’ effort to deal with CCM with any means necessary.

According to our source, Rwanda had diverted lots money in intelligence to deal with Tanzania and Burundi. In Rwanda teachers have not been paid in last three months, but in Tanzania where elections might go either direction, Rwanda and its allies have already invested in PR to demonize CCM, if it wins presidential elections. Opposition Presidential candidate Lowassa has western PR companies ready to start chaos in Tanzania if he doesn’t win, followed by all western mainstream media contesting the elections, and accusing CCM for rigging the elections.

The Hima Tutsi Empire is the main partner to the western globalists in Africa, especially in great lakes regions. Although the leaders were trained and armed by Tanzania (CCM), they were not really African nationalists. They were feudalist Tutsis who just lost power in Rwanda to majority Hutu right after 1959 revolution, and 1961 elections. Museveni and young Tutsis from Rwanda and Ankole (Uganda) managed to convince Nyerere and his inner African nationalist circle, that they were socialists fighting imperialism in Africa. Soon After Museveni took Uganda he became the top western ally in Africa, suppressed democracy, waged wars in Rwanda that killed two presidents (Rwandan: Habyarimana, Burundi: Ntaryamira) and millions of innocent of people, just to put Tutsis on power.

He also waged a war in Congo for the same reason, and he still trying, all protected by western countries, primarily the United States. Together they are determined to establish a New World Order. Therefore African Frontline movements and their leaders have to disappear, in order to efficiently exploit African resources. CCM is the prime target as it is the one on the frontline facing The Hima Tutsi Empire, and the mother of all frontline nations in Africa.

CCM is an African treasure. Tanzanian people have a responsibility to guard it. Rejuvenate it, and reelect CCM for the sake of Africa. Globalists will advance economy as the primary issues; but Tanzanians should remember Nyerere when he said that his generation had achieved at least one goal, that of the political liberation of Africa, and that the next generations must take up the next goals. His lifetime friend and colleague, Dr Kenneth Kaunda said, « The best way of mourning him (Nyerere) is to carry on where he has left. » And I can say “Don’t destroy what CCM had achieved for Tanzania and Africa”, but build something new on top of it.
Jean Paul Rugero Romeo