LaRouche: ‘Most Momentous Weeks in Modern History—We Must Now Take This Moment’

September 14, 2015

Within the next two weeks, Russian President Putin will arrive in New York with a proposal for creating a truly international coalition to crush ISIS and the other barbaric terrorist organizations spawned by the Bush-Cheney-Obama criminal wars of destruction. Russia’s military initiative is already being launched in Syria, leaving President Obama and his White House team in utter confusion, exposed by Putin’s brilliant flanking operation, which would make Gen. Douglas MacArthur proud. Some in the White House and the State Department are taking actions to build a blockade around Syria to stop Russian humanitarian and military assistance — an act which would rapidly turn all of Syria over to the barbarians funded by the Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia.

But increasingly, leading figures in the U.S. and Europe are rising to denounce the war policy, and embracing Putin’s initiative. Leading this effort in the U.S., Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, joined by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark and former U.S. Senator from Alaska Mike Gravel, addressed a conference in Manhattan, mobilizing the citizens of New York and the nation and the world via the Internet— for action in these upcoming “most momentous weeks,” as the UN General Assembly convenes in New York. “We must now take this moment,” said Mr. LaRouche,

“of this new international assembly, which is fully aware—its best people are fully aware—of the implications of this situation, now. What we must organize around in the United States, in particular, but throughout the world, is to prevent the launching of a thermonuclear war.”

In Germany, a dramatic turn is taking place, first in Germany’s decision to open its arms to the waves of refugees driven out of northern Africa by Obama’s murderous wars and the terrorists they spawned, and today by Chancellor Angela Merkel openly declaring that “Germany and other Western European powers need to work with Russia as well as the United States to solve the crisis in Syria.”

In Russia, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov previewed the speech to be given by President Putin at the UN. In very clear terms, Lavrov said that Putin will identify, first, the danger of the West’s imperial effort to restrain the emergence of new centers of economic and political power; second, the West’s intentional cooperation with terrorists in order to “achieve some narrow geopolitical objective”; and third, the use of unilateral coercion and sanctions, outside of international law, “under the influence of the American psychology,” to force regime change against targeted nations. Lavrov added that President Putin will speak about the “crushing of the world economic space.”

This initiative creates the capacity to achieve the necessary measures to stop the war and create a new world paradigm based on the common aims of mankind—the removal of President Obama through the 25th Amendment, the shutdown of Wall Street through Glass-Steagall, and the implementation of the World Land-Bridge together with America’s natural allies now represented by the BRICS nations


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