Russia Warns Filming of Mock “Chemical Attacks” Has Begun

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Russia Warns Filming of Mock “Chemical Attacks” Has Begun

September 11, 2018

The Russian Defense Ministry states that, right now, the filming of the fake chemical weapons attack in Syria has begun—a fake attack actually staged by terrorists opposed to the Syrian government—in order to set off a war. Two additional background pieces accompany LaRouchePAC’s exclusive interview of Senator Black warning against a debacle for humanity in Syria. The Veteran’s Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, on September 9th, published a letter to President Trump urging him to work with Russia to declare a preemptive peace in Syria and not support the remnants of Al-Qaeda, Isis in Idlib.

Senator Black also provided an interview to Sputnik News.

While both pieces provide further information about the players in the United States who are out to trap President Trump into a fatal error in Syria, they do not provide the punch which only you, the American voters, who voted for this President can provide. Call the White House. 202-456-1111. Tell him that your vote was about not continuing the insane Middle East wars which have squandered our youth, our fortune, and most importantly, our sacred honor. Tell him to fire anyone who is proposing war in Syria. These are the same people who are leading the coup against the President.


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