Roses and Noses

Roses and Noses

a poem by Mademoiselle Pierrette  (aged 10)and Monsieur Pierre Sukisa-Makasi (aged 12)

My Global Village

My global village is like a garden; where plants and roses grow all of a sudden.

There are many different types of roses, just like people have different noses.

Some are pink, some are red, some are purple and some are white.

Which is always right.

Where these roses don`t ask themselves why they are white, red, purple or pink,

But proud of their unique link.

Where these roses don`t blame each other,

Although each is of a different colour.

They don`t try to see who is right or wrong,

But each sings a uniting song.

Where these roses accept each other as they are and live together forever in perfect harmony

How I love my Village!


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