Mandela said it was the children of South Africa that finally brought about the end to oppression.He said they were like mushrooms and the hardest soil could not keep them down because they had to grow.

In the last 5 years this continent has been super- drenched in a peak of a seemingly unending tide of suffering.There is almost not a single country that has not endured bloody chaos and that after decades of civil war, violence, hunger and hell across the entire continent.The scenes today from Central African Republic are almost an unbelievable repetition of yet another humanitarian crisis on African soil; thousands of refugees fleeing violence, UNHCR camps full to bursting with traumatized children, raped mothers and butchered fathers.

2014 saw record high numbers of Africans risking their very lives to get the hell out of Africa. Record high numbers of people crossing the deserts and waters in unbelievably harsh journeys,  to finally scale the razor-wire immigration barricades of fortress Europe or enter the 21st century slave labor market of the Middle East.

Today in the streets of Niger, children beg for food, today in 2015.Today more innocent people are dismembered in the most violent,life-costing war since 1945 in Eastern Congo. While in southern Africa,  rampant poverty-induced diseases under the umbrella of AIDS, makes orphans a normality. Libya has been taken to hell and thrown away. Somalia is in the third decade of war while something is eating into Nigeria and people have died in their thousands in Sierra Leone and Liberia of a flesh-eating disease.People have protested in the combined millions in the last 5 years against the socio-economic conditions that are keeping more than half the population of almost every nation in grinding suffocating poverty.

This screamingly never-ending face of African crisis has become normal.Satanic inspired images are deja-vu.

All of this has got to be the final death throws of Empire, like a poltergeist;  like an evil virus ripping the guts out of Africa.

But why the escalation now? Is this the final push to destroy and depopulate an entire continent through Malthusian dreams of poverty and war?The last chance to parade through Empire`s agents of fear,  to fight the terror war? The last chance for the feeding frenzy, to stuff the corporate belly and over flow the rivers of cash in Swiss tax havens?

Or is it something far more basic, like a form of gross spite that makes Empire want to destroy what it can`t have anymore?

Because there is a counter- side to the parade of UNHCR refugee camps, there is a counter-side to the butchery and the AK47s. And there is a counter-side to the leadership of big eaters.And this might explain the latest bouts of blood-letting, disease and regime change.

BRICS vs World Bank

Empire`s financial hegemony over Africa is being threatened by a new economic system, the BRICS Development Bank. Contrary to the debt inducing, financial slavery of World Bank and IMF policy,the BRICS is founded on development not destruction, industrialization of African nations; not a feudal system of perpetuating a raw materials market for British and Swiss based corporations.

The `international community` as it stands at present believes in handing out bars of soap to Ebola stricken Sierra Leone.The international community as it will stand under the BRICS system will develop infrastructure, energy, water and industry projects to re-shape the face of  Africa, to industrialize the continent as it was planned in the 1960s under such inspired leadership as Nasser and Nkrumah, with their respective Aswan and Volta Dam projects.

South Africa is spearheading the Grand Inga Dam project to supply southern Africa with a source of energy not reliant of the Oil Barons of London.This being one example of proposed projects under the new system.Others include realizing the dreams of Lumumba and Sankara with a Transport Highway Bridge linking Kinshasa to Brazzaville and a Great Green Wall to combat the spread of the Sahel. These are massive, high tech projects that will create the Africa of the future and the realization of prosperity in the hands of Africans.

Yet another high tech project is the Transaqua Plan which will feed water from the Congo River Basin through a system of navigable canals to Lake Chad providing  approximately 100,000 cubic meters (81 million acre feet) of freshwater.This project involves traversing the Central African Republic. This reason alone can make political sense of the regions recent violent destabilization which has produced yet another humanitarian crisis and necessitated the presence of European Union forces, French forces and African Union forces in a country with a population of under 4 million who as Christians and Muslims lived peacefully side by side up until now.

The Youth of Africa are done with No Future, with broken promises, with nothing to hand on to their children and it is they who will build the projects dreamt of half a century ago.

World Bank/IMF/ British Empire

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