Rescuing the Republic from the Surveillance State — A CONVERSATION WITH BILL BINNEY

please be sure not to miss out on this presentation. We are living in one of the most critical of all turning points in modern times. Do we allow evil to continue to direct policy from high places and for its mouthpieces in the media to continue policy of deception and lies? Or do we make a stand for a just world?

be sure not to miss out on the Q+A session after the halfway break. An opportunity to hear truth spoken like this is unfortunately rare.

Source: Schiller Institute

Rescuing the Republic from the Surveillance State — A CONVERSATION WITH BILL BINNEY

Streamed live on 29 Feb 2020

In early 2017 under President Trump’s direction, then-CIA Director Pompeo was told to meet with former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney, an expert on surveillance systems who subsequently informed Pompeo that there was absolutely no proof of a Russian hack. On the contrary, Binney had personally assembled evidence of an intentional insider leak.

Binney informed Pompeo that the entire idea of Russiagate was a fraud, yet Pompeo has to this day remained silent. The question is, Why? To this day, Bill Binney, who fully stands behind his 2017 assessment that the public account regarding the 2016 “Russia hack” is false, because the so-called “hack,” as described, was a physical impossibility, has not been given the courtesy of any response from Pompeo, positive or negative, despite his being tasked by the President to provide Pompeo with his expert assessment.

Will the American public and others internationally mobilize to demand that patriot William Binney finally be allowed to tell this country the truth about the Russia hoax? If you think you and your fellow citizens deserve to know the truth, join us Saturday, February 29 for this special event!

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