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….” brings us into the realms of what our government actually is and who is controlling the country. If you sit and you believe we have elected MPs in Westminster and they are the people making the decisions on foreign policy or the economy; that takes us in one direction. If we say that we have a deep state actually controlling the country that is funded by the global international banking interests and these are the people that are actually pulling the strings on foreign policy, what`s happening overseas, in the Middle East, or what`s happening in America; then we come to a completely different picture; because who are these people and what are their objectives as they interfere in politics in America.”

…” The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is putting people in foreign countries to pretend to be journalists but in fact they are agents of the Foreign Office. They are there to promote the Foreign Office backed narrative in the name of countering disinformation.”

Source: UK Column

UK Column News – 17th July 2019

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