Wales is a mountainous region of west Britain.

It is very beautiful and very ancient.ROHA-00108648-001

and seldom heard about……. like two of its finest contemporary treasures;  the Welsh historians Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett.

Who the British establishment have repeatedly tried to kill.


because they wrote these and many other books


and what their magnificent research does is to turn on its head every last historical dogma and lie that has been promulgated as fact from the history faculty of Oxford and  the Royal Historical Society of Britain for the past one hundred and sixty odd years.

As Wilson and Blackett have learned,  Wales was once the seat of the ancient British Kingdom and the legendary King Arthur no myth but a British king and his reign followed some centuries later by a second King Arthur.

The historical gems that have been unearthed by these fine individuals are astounding. And what it does,  is to re-shape our current version of history, the London Establishment victor`s version, as far back as the early days of Ancient Egypt. Their work exposes the current `Celtic` or Anglo Saxon cultural myths taught   in the esteemed halls of academia;  as pure and simple rubbish. Moses, our biblical patriarch has his own cartouche in the British Museum , labeled by current so-called historical experts as some lesser known Egyptian pharaoh. And the history of the British Isles, the true history,is traceable back in time to a migration from Syria.And this then logically explains why hieroglyphics is perfectly decipherable from the ancient text of the Khumry  (the Welsh). Christopher Columbus was not the first to reach America, he had at his disposal a map already centuries old from a journey that set sail from Cardiff, Wales.Our biblical ancestors are not that distant in history and Ancient Egypt`s reign not as extensive,  once the chronology is based on historical fact not garbled fiction, as these two questioning minds have discovered.

Academics have shunned Wilson and Blackett`s work, they have not been awarded with honory degrees or declared knights of the realm, their  research stands contradictory to all the fabricated lies that are instructed as fact, for the benefit of the British Establishment.

an extract from `The Trojan War of 650 BC` by Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett.

The fact that researchers identifying the two British kings named Arthur I son of Magnus Maximus, and Arthur II son of King Meurig should somehow be led along a long forgotten historical trail leading back in time and distance from Britain to ancient Etruria and Rhaetia, (Italy and Switzerland), and then further back to the Aegean and Asia Minor and on to ancient Armenia ans Assyria around 730BC  and finally to Palestine, may at first appear strange. The idea that there is a solid link between Britain and Ancient Egypt will undoubtedly appear to be a little strange to some readers. It certainly does not fit with the political histories, which have masqueraded as factual for the past two centuries or more in Britain.

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett spent years tracing the ancient British Coelbren Alphabets back along the migration trail set out in the politically and religiously discarded ancient British Khumry Histories, and proving the ancient British histories of migration to be correct. Just as in the modern era the English language, and the associated legal system and religion, was transplanted from Britain around the world to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, India, and parts of Africa and elsewhere, so also the migrating ancestors of the British, known as the Khumry (Khumry =”Welsh”) and the earlier Ealde Cyrcenas (Old Syrians), left traces of their writing and culture along their migration routes.

The ancient British Alphabet was traced back to the Aegean and Asia Minor, and to Etruria (Italy) and Rhaetia (Switzerland), where half the nation migrated from Asia Minor around 650 BC, leaving the other half to sail to Britain in c 504 BC. The same people, with their same Alphabet and Language, were the Kimmeroi and the Kimmerians of the ancient Greeks, who crossed over Asia Minor in the c 690 -650 BC period. These same Khumry were recorded in the annals and archives of the Emperors of Assyria, discovered by Austin Layard in 1846 at Nineveh. The Assyrian Emperors knew them as the same people who they deported from ancient Israel in the 740-700 BC era and called them the Khumry. Always  the same Language written in the same ancient Alphabet marks the passing of these same Khumry people.”

 page 147

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