Privatizing Human Life – this is the MATRIX

Source: UK Column

UK Column News – 25th July 2016  

Published on 25 Jul 2016

Today’s UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & Dr. Graham Downing, including:

START Declining birth rates in Japan and the US : eugenics in the local press
03:20 Teenage pregnancies, demographics, European decline of population
04:37 Europe is “trending towards extinction” less a birthrate of at least 2.1
05:48 Impaired fertility in men linked into acetaminophen in paracetamols
06:13 Endocrine Disrupters : Toxic Particulates, Plastics & Petrochemicals
07:29 Israel & an increasing population subject to a boom in its Birth-rate
08:03 Arguments made in favour of population control in The Hindu (India)
09:17 Philippine Press for eugenics, anti-Faith context & extrajudicial killings
10:02 Extinction rates prevail in trends of decline for indigenous Europeans
10:48 Secularism & the destruction of families for the reduction of children
11:26 Urbanisation as a factor & Zika : “A problem that isn’t a problem…”
12:34 “Vaccines made from aborted fetal tissue.” – Is this really a good idea?
13:53 The dystopian reality of United Nations ‘gender programming staff…’
14:32 Gender Equality Architecture Reform : a campaign to destroy gender
15:26 & ‘eradication of traditional genders’ via Sterilisation & contraception
16:14 Latin America & ‘Trainers’ that target Women to destabalise societies
18:01 Solo Reproduction : genetic engineering & demonising Natural Births
19:14 Gender-Merging & planned parenthood : abortions in scale of Millions
20:05 International Planned Parenthood Federation, a Project for Eugenicists
21:09 “We oppose the use of public funds to perform or promote abortion…”
22:31 Fetal-harvesting a massive commercial market – ‘demonic quite frankly’
23:19 DNA tests to be used in schools with a campaign for in-house Eugenics
24:23 Transhumanism Rising & new realities of ‘three parents instead of two’
26:04 First Artificial Wombs in the world as Female Bodies Become Obsolete
27:13 Ectogenesis & the social milieu of Aldous Huxley – Gilegud & Haldane
28:42 “out of their imaginations have come the kind of (realities we live with)”
29:36 Goat experiments & a ‘Brave New World’ of one-third-natural humans
30:50 The Fabian Society, birth control, socialism & corporate Growth-farms
31:24 Social services taking children, smashing families, real Abuse Networks
32:02 “Children disappearing for the use of body parts…” an Era of Atrocities
33:47 Big Picture perspectives & the rapid normalisation of inhuman creations
35:01 Human Rights : Red Herrings – ‘power to give is also the power to take’
36:12 Arrest warrants after attempted Turkey coup : the crack-down & purge
37:19 Common Purpose & the Leveson Inquiry : Control of the British Press
38:05 Overwhelmingly innocent journalists intimidated by UK police forces
39:23 Nick Thorpe & the Anglo-Turkish Society presided over by F.S. Boris
40:01 BBC Media Action (as with Turkey) boasts destabalisation of countries
40:39 Appeal to UK Column audience to act as a Watchdog over the B.B.C.
41:28 Statements of wild delusion via UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon
42:13 Gangs & Counter-Gangs : British creation Mau Mau units & to be led
43:01 New Zealand SAS & sacrificial recruiting of Maoris for security forces
44:05 ‘Disingenuous at Best’ – Distortion & Manipulation of Naval weakness
45:24 Security & Trading Relationships must remain ‘strong’ – says a puppet
45:43 Extra training of IED-experts in Iraq & a repositioning of relationships
46:29 World-level Military Integration & a transnational Global Governance
47:16 First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones : “rest assured” … ‘All is well!’
49:45 ‘Whatever resources we have are at thine disposal, O’ City of London.’