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12th September 2017


Topic: Democracy and State Institutions that support constitutional democracy in Democratic Republic of Congo

On 16th September 2017, Congolese Solidarity Campaign “CSC” will be organising a practical Panel discussion on “Democracy and State Institutions that support constitutional democracy in Democratic Republic of Congo”. Event will take place at Diakonia Centre in Durban.

The purpose of the panel is to conscientise and raise awareness among Congolese people and also to create an open space for Congolese people to come together and engage on issues of democracy and democratic institutions in the country.

Since the advent of democracy 2006, Democratic Republic of Congo still suffers from “democracy deficit” and “weak democratic institutions”. Congo’s democracy deficit continues to grow, and political space is narrowed. While the name of the country surely lends itself to an assumption of regime type, in actuality; this is not a reality as the country still battles with problems associated with democratic reform.

The way forward lies in strengthening democratic governance. The government must allow the institutions to fully operate. Institutions are expected to be independent, impartial and perform their functions without fear, favour or prejudice.No person or organ of state may interfere with their functioning and they are subject only to the Constitution and the Law.

The success of democracy in the country depends ona set of strong and quality institutions. Independent State Institutions supporting democracy need to be developed in order to play a role in the development and maintenance of a democratic culture.

We, Congolese Solidarity Campaign, we need a functioning democracy and quality democratic institutions.


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