President Trump Revives LaRouche’s ‘American System of Political Economy’

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President Trump Revives LaRouche’s ‘American System of Political Economy’

March 30, 2017
Artist concept of the SLS Block 1 configuration.SLS will be the most powerful rocket ever built and, with the agency’s Orion spacecraft, will launch America into a new era of exploration. [image: NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center]

Too many Americans are unaware of what President Trump intends to accomplish, let alone do they understand the means for its success. The media on all sides, some through outright treason, while others through a severe lack of understanding, have not covered his clearly stated commitment to revive the very essence of the greatest of the American traditions – the American System of political-economy.

Not since William McKinley has a President been so clear in his intent to return the nation to the economic tradition of Alexander Hamilton, to end the policies of British Imperial free trade, and make a full commitment to industry, manufacturing, scientific advancement and world peace. Not since Franklin Roosevelt has our nation applied these principles for national recovery and development, which are so urgently required today. The American people must now take it upon themselves to understand this American System tradition, and the means by which it can be applied most successfully today.

In his speeches beginning Wednesday, March 15, then in Tennessee and Kentucky, and again in Washington, D.C. at a Republican Party gathering, President Donald Trump has revived the American System of political-economy. Then again implicitly in his weekly White House address.

See below for excerpts of his recent speeches.

Lyndon H. LaRouche and the American System of Political-Economy

With some exceptions, most Americans and citizens of other nations no longer know of the American System of political-economy. It is best expressed by the policies of Lyndon LaRouche today, and is provided in his recommendation to the Trump administration in his proposal for The Four New Laws. (See for more info on The Four New Laws)

In the estimation of Mr. LaRouche, the President “means it,” i.e. he truly intends to return to the economic policies of Alexander Hamilton and George Washington, Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln, and the “American System.”

Just look at his White House Weekly Address from Saturday, March 25, 2017, where he said:

At a time when Washington is consumed with the daily debates of our Nation, I was proud that Congress came together overwhelmingly to reaffirm our Nation’s commitment to expanding the frontiers of knowledge.NASA’s greatest discoveries teach us many, many things. One lesson is the need to view old questions with fresh eyes. To have the courage to look for answers in places we have never looked before. To think in new ways because we have new information. Most of all, new discoveries remind us that, in America, anything is possible if we have the courage and wisdom to learn.

In the span of one lifetime, our Nation went from black and white pictures of the first airplanes, to beautiful images of the oldest galaxies, captured by a camera in outer space.

I am confident that if Americans can achieve these things, there is no problem we cannot solve. There is no challenge we cannot meet. There is no aim that is too high.

Whatever it takes and however long it will be, we are a Nation of problem solvers—and the future belongs to us.

We are truly a great place to be. I love America.

Shut Down the British System

It starts with an outright rejection of the British system of free trade, i.e. the drug pushing, speculative finance, terrorism, perpetual war, and a fascist police state. The same British system which for the better part of the past year has been driving the Truman-inspired “Red Scare” campaign to discredit Donald Trump’s Presidency and drive him from the White House.

The “get Trump” McCarthyism is a British operation, and the British are desperately frantic because Trump wants to return—after decades of disastrous “globalization” and deindustrialization”—to the American System of economy. Trump made clear during his campaign that he appreciates the benefits of peace, of stopping Bush’s and Obama’s endless wars, and in collaborating with Russia (and implicitly China) to accomplish these goals.

Thus a British intelligence “dossier” was produced by MI-6 Agent Chris Steele, first for the Bush operation, then passed on to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and was widely circulate throughout the Obama administration—it was even possibly paid for by Obama’s FBI—all to target Donald Trump’s campaign and Presidential transition with false and perverse allegations. Nothing in this report has ever been shown to be true, even by the yellow journalists at CNN, et al.

And it is this document which is all the Democratic Party’s leadership has ever had, to which they continue to refer, as they turn into a McCarthyite mob looking for “Russians” lurking behind every White House column. Even the DNC servers that were supposedly hacked by the “Russians” have never even been looked at by the FBI, but rather, only by a private company which supported Hillary’s campaign.

All of this is sustained with the hopes of diverting from the real crimes of the Obama administration, including the wire-tapping of Trump’s transition team (amid the mass-murder policies they enforced over the last eight years!), all of which is becoming increasingly more difficult to hide by the day. There are even calls to investigate Soros’s operations abroad. Might Obama stay on his Tahitian island for good, is increasingly possible.

The Foundations of the American System

The pillars of the American System of economy are simple: 1) protect and support American production so that the United States becomes a great manufacturing nation again; 2) constantly promote and build the most modern national infrastructure, e.g. the transcontinental railroads, the national highway system, the Apollo Moon project, and the Manhattan Project; and 3) establish a credit system based on national banking invented by the great Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton.

Today it means taking down Wall Street’s mega-casinos by restoring the Glass-Steagall Act; establishing a Hamiltonian national bank for infrastructure and manufacturing; investing trillions in the highest technology new infrastructure; developing fusion power, and returning to the Moon and to deep space with human colonization and development.

This is what LaRouchePAC Director and American System economist Lyndon LaRouche developed recently as his “Four New Laws” to save the U.S. economy.

The American System also meant the Monroe Doctrine—that the young United States would do everything possible to keep the British and French financial empires out of the Americas, and after World War II to keep them out globally—so that all nations could develop their economies and make reciprocal trade agreements to mutual benefit.

Today, the American System means linking up with China’s New Silk Road initiative, where 60 nations are making such agreements in a “win-win” paradigm.

The Schiller Institute and EIR are building a major international conference next month in New York City to bring Trump’s United States into that new paradigm, where the “American System” can flourish.

President Trump’s commitment to the American System today is serious. The more Americans that know what it should mean, and will act on that, the better the chance the British System era of “globalization” will end, and the New American Renaissance will begin during Trump’s early Presidency.

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