President Rouhani Makes Sense At Un General Assembly

President Rouhani of Iran gave an excellent speech at the UN General Assembly.As usual a very dignified account of world affairs which concentrated on world terrorism especially the current terrorism in Iraq.

Eloquently put, he explained that from the Islamic world`s point of view these people ( ISIL) were not Islamic, that they are defiling the name of Islam.

He probably would have called them, if he used western slang- sewer sludge or slime, defiling the face of Islam, Iraq and all humanity.

I am converted now after Pres Rouhani`s speech, not to Islam, but to Rouhani. I`ve never really liked him because he looks chronically serious but mostly because he replaced my all time favourite Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.No.1 reason I liked Ahmadinejad – because he drives the same car as I do. I can really relate to a world leader who has the same make of car as me. (Can also feel sorry for them when it rains.)

No.2 reason – he never wears a tie. To me that seems like he was saying- f`you British Establishment, old Etonians take a hike.

No.3. His wife made him packed lunches to take to work. ( Nobody really likes packed lunches.)

No.4 He has a sort of twinkle in his eye. Either the enraged flickering of jihadism or could be a sence of humour.

No.5 He will not speak colonial speak, ie english

No.6 He clearly loathes Zionism. So do I.

At one point in Pres Rouhani`s speech he says: “I deeply regret to say that terrorism has become globalized from New York to Mosul, from Damascus to Bagdad..” Now I reckon he could have just stopped at that…..”terrorism has become globalized from New York”. I don`t blame him for not coming out and saying that because of what happened to the man who did actually say that to the UN General Assembly back in 2009.

Do you know elephant migration trails are visible from satellites in space? Now you going to tell me no one spotted ISIL troops before they came from Nowhere? I mean NATO spotted and identified the number-plate of the Russian rocket-launcher that alledgedly brought down the Malaysian airliner. Rocket launchers are not that big. ISIL have enough hardware to overtake a country the size of Iraq, enough pick-up trucks to start a coup in the Congo and yet no one saw them coming?

These drones they (USA) are using in Yemen and Somalia ( Nigeria, Afghanistan, USA,the list is long) can spot a person, a little tiny person.There was a little tiny Yemeni person just the other week, tiny 5 years old.We don`t get much news about the Somalian drone kill count.

I don`t buy this stuff about ISIL. It`s all too contrived, like Liberian and Sierra Leonean rebel armies making coups.You know-crazy guntoting weed-smoking crazy gunmen in wigs. That `look` really took off didn`t it and funnily enough there were so many photo opportunities for the Western media. Oh yes and people with a thing for eating their victims hearts.They didn`t do beheading in Sierra Leone and Liberia, they removed more useful parts of the body like hands and in the Congo and Uganda it`s hands and lips. I mean where do they find these people and once they`ve stock-piled a load of them how do they keep them that way? What do they keep them on – some cocaine derivative that creates outrageous psychos out of human beings? Just what the hell are they giving them? You know Project Coast ( bio-weapons lab in South Africa set up to exterminate black people) was the reason Apartheid ended. Some silly bugger in that lab cooked up 3 tonnes of ecstacy ( it was a contract for crowd control purposes) anyway must have got into the wrong hands, they must have spiked the National Party`s food with it because not long after that Apartheid ended.3 tonnes of ecstacy can you imagine how many trillions of little pills that made, how much Happiness?

Now in the Middle East and Mali, the Sahara – favourite hang-out for Al Qaeda and now Somalia, soon also Nigeria because of Boko Poko; the new season look is beards, lots of facial hair, crazy jihadist eyes, balaklavas ( they got this from the IRA and Ninja Turtles), lots of black – black clothes, black flags and heart-eating and beheading and too many guntoting people in one pick-up truck. It`s a bit of a staged format, don`t you think?

Now if I were the scene director, I`d say to the script writers, `come on guys let`s have a bit more imagination!`.