Dr. Barrie Trower is a physicist, he has been a microwave weapons researcher for the Royal Navy and British Intelligence and is a pre-eminent expert on microwave technology and the health effects of Wifi and other forms of microwave radiation. Fortunately for us he is also a decent and caring person who now spends his time sharing his wealth of knowledge to warn the general public about this; unlike many governments like those of the USA, Britain, South Africa, Rwanda and Nigeria among others, who are dishing out this technology without issuing any health warnings. In fact these governments are in denial of any of the adverse effects on our physical and mental health.


Rwandan school children in class 1 – part of Kagame`s project to provide all citizens with free Wifi, brain damage and sterility

“The Wifi freguency is a known weapons frequency to cause harm…There is no safe level of microwave irradiation for a child published anywhere in the world. There is no safe level.”Dr Barrie Trower.”According to our governments..from children sitting at school in front of their Wifi sets, where they have exposure…it is anticipated that when these children grow up and have their children..it is anticipated that there will be a minimum of 57.7% miscarriage or stillbirth rate for those children.”

That is called reaching population target or depopulation by induced sterility.

Wifi is a form of microwave radiation which is in the lower band of the electromagnetic spectrum and part of a harmful group of wavelengths. This is because microwaves readily react with water and unlike radiowaves are highly penetrative. The human brain is 73% water, the heart is 73% water,lungs are 83% water, muscles and kidneys are 79% water and even bones are 31% water. Microwaves travel through concrete walls, they therefore enter the human body no problem.

Microwaves interfere with human brain waves.The British military were advised that there is no safe level of microwave radiation.There is no safe level of exposure to microwave radiation for human beings.

Cell phones use microwave technology and should never be held to your head, least of all a child`s. “Frontal and temporal brain tumours in children are now  the no1 cause of death in the UK.” Dr. Barrie Trower


Governments should be issuing health warnings. Most people in France now only use head phones.

In 1933 the harmful effects of microwaves were known to science. Russia banned microwave ovens and they were only unbanned after Glasnost and the ensuing trade agreements with the West. Microwave ovens, as recognized by Russian scientists, change the molecular properties of proteins.

The military has used weaponized microwaves for at least a century as this is an old technology known to Ptolemy in 64 BC who recorded his observations of pulsed waves producing effects on people including epilepsy, somnambulistic states and depression. Microwaves can be weaponized in 2 ways. It can be used as broadcast microwaves or microwaves that have a specific pulse frequency. The pulse frequency microwave is used to induce heart attacks in targeted victims and unlike poison leaves no trace.

During the Cold War scientists on both sides were working on the uses of weaponized microwaves to induce disease such as cancer and mental/brain disturbance resulting in depression and suicide.Ther are now over 600 neurological or physiological known harmful effects of weaponized microwave radiation.


TETRA stands for Terrestrial Trunked Radio. This technology uses microwaves.



In America there is an epidemic of police brutality.

In South Africa police violence and deaths in custody are escalating. The SAPS has a job on its hands in South Africa`s violent and crime driven culture but is there a reason for the change in individual police behaviour ?

Dr. Barrie Trower was commissioned by the Police Federation of England and Wales to write the safety report on the TETRA system. In his report he condemned the TETRA system as the specific pulse frequency used by the system is known to cause neurological damage. According to Dr Trowers the use of the TETRA system in the police, military and Fire Services in Britain is an ongoing experiment that will conclude in 2018. The damage being assessed by this official experiment is to calculate the rise in cancer, brain tumours and neurological degeneration.Dr Trower has yet to find a single police or fire department that uses TETRA and has done for more than 18 months,  that has not recorded an increase in violent behaviour, illness, miscarriages, still-births and brain tumours among its employees.

South Africa is integrating TETRA and WiMax technology in police service which will involve 200 base stations and 10 000 terminals spread across the country. At present Cape Town has the largest TETRA network which serves more than 13,500 users including Utility Service officials and Medical Response Units.

TETRA is in use in Namibia, used by the police services. Also in Sudan by police services.In Morocco in use by highway traffic control and in Nigeria by the oil and gas industries, airports and port authorities, government and security companies but not by the police.

Rwanda is not yet using TETRA (as far as known) which is strange given Pres.Kagame`s natural affiliation with all things harmful.

TETRA uses a specific pulse frequency.One of the recognized symptoms of neurological disturbance attributed to this specific pulse frequency is aggression, irrational and uncontrollable aggressive behaviour.


Policeman kicking hand-cuffed woman in the head in the USA


The following is a list of symptoms recorded by Dr. Trower,experienced by people living near microwave emitting communication towers :

Heart problems, blood diseases, problems with bone marrow, tumours, DNA

problems, altered calcium irons in cells, impairments to the immune system.

46% reduction in night-time melatonin (causing suppression of the immune

system), enhanced arthritis or rheumatic diseases, skin problems, lymphatic

diseases, vaginal discharge, ear problems, leukaemia, childhood cancer, sleep

problems, suicidal tendencies, depression, irritability, memory loss, mental

conditions, neurological illness, miscarriage, and infertility.

Dr.Trower has in his possession a document from the United States issued in 1976 which states :”that countries of the West must deceive the general public, police and military over the full damage that can be caused by microwaves for 2 reasons. The first is to protect industrial output (profit) and the second is to avoid legal complications.”

Governments have always protected industry at the cost of ordinary civilian lives.”

Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Researcher Barrie Trower Says That WiFi Is Killing Us And Quickly!




http://ssita.org.uk/articles-and-studies/         go to articles and studies,scroll down to no.15 `Wifi a Thalidomide in the Making` by Dr B Trower.







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