Physicians Argue for Cardiac Cause of Death in COVID-19, Urge Anti-Inflammatory Treatment

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Physicians Argue for Cardiac Cause of Death in COVID-19, Urge Anti-Inflammatory Treatment

April 14 (EIRNS)—Strong arguments are being made about varying treatments of severe COVID-19 cases. One line of reasoning is summarized, not endorsed here.

Dr. Sandro Giannini, professor of Orthopedics and Traumatology and Physical Medicine at University of Bologna says the cause of severity in coronavirus patients is due to a cardiovascular problem, not respiratory. Those problems cause a myriad of mini-thromboses, which have been found in novel coronavirus patients. Ventilation wouldn’t be useful in such cases, but he recommends that anti-inflammatory drugs will help to break the clots. Italy is now using anti-inflammatories, which resulted in decline of cases, he asserts. If this is true, patients would not necessarily need hospital treatment, but could be treated with medications at home. Giannini warns “In America and other states that follow the scientific literature calling not to use anti-inflammatories, it’s a disaster!” he told International Business Times.

In an April 12 interview in International Business Times, Giannini explains how immune reaction to inflammation created by the virus causes deep vein thrombosis in the patient, and that, when thrombi (blood clots) are lodged in the lung, become pulmonary embolism. “Here the inflammation destroyed everything and prepared the ground for the formation of thrombi,” he said, because the main problem was not with coronavirus, but immune system’s reaction that destroys cells where virus enters, causing inflammation. IB Times writes: “ ‘If you ventilate a lung where blood does not reach, it is not useful,’ he explained. In fact, 9 out of 10 die in such cases because the problem is cardiovascular, not respiratory related. ‘It is venous micro thrombosis, not pneumonia that determines fatality!’ ”

Similarly, Swiss Prof. Paul Robert Vogt, head of “EurAsia Heart Foundation” which has been for over 20 years active in Eurasia. Professor Vogt himself worked for almost a year in China and was connected with the Union Hospital of Tongji Medical College of the Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan for over 20 years. One of his four visiting professorships is in China, and he has maintained his 20-year relationship to the Wuhan medical school up to current times.

In a guest commentary published in Die Mittelländische Zeitung April 7, Professor Vogt says among other things that “COVID-19 is not just a problem of mechanical breathing, but it hits the heart in an equal way. 30% of all patients who do not survive the ICU, die from cardiac reasons,” but says nothing further on the issue in his long article.

Professor Vogt also blasts the China-bashing campaign as well as the “bad smell of eugenics” coming from too many media articles.

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