Bill Gates wants to vaccinate every person in Africa against Malaria.

Here are some things you may not have heard about Bill Gates:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust has investments in Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart,Exxon Mobil,BP, McDonalds, Arcos Dorados Holdings (McDonalds global franchise company), Berkshire Hathaway and Crown Castle International ( UK`s National Grid) among others.

Bill Gates is a member of the `Good Club`. Other members include Ted Turner of CNN, Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York, Peter G Peterson of the Council on Foreign Relations, Warren Buffet, George Soros and David Rockefeller.

The Good Club are some of the world`s richest individuals and the aim of this club is philanthropy, they wish to save the poor, starving and sick of this world.

If you live in Niger or the Democratic Republic of Congo or Sierra Leone or Gabon or Equatorial Guinea or the Niger Delta of Nigeria or any other African country rich in resources that is currently being raped and pillaged by the corporations of such individuals…….and you are not among the 5-10% elite of your country,  then you will not need this article to explain to you that this Good Club is not good.

This Good Club is promoting Planned Parenthood and eradication of disease by vaccination.

Planned Parenthood = family planning = population reduction=depopulation.

There are less than 2 million Gabonese.The people of Gabon are  in danger of becoming extinct.And in the DRC an estimated 8 million people have been murdered since 1996.

Bill Gates invested in a company called Liquidia Technologies. This company is developing vaccines using nanotechnology. It is based in the Research Triangle Park in America. This is a vast industrial area where exclusive companies are based to develop research into high-tech technology. The area is legally called an unincorporated area which means it does not pay tax to or answer to its local municipality. In other words it is above the law. But we are assured that Bill Gates`s $400 million investment in Liquidia is “to help the poor”.

Gates openly talks about lowering population levels, depopulation using vaccines and reproductive health services. He talks about killing people like it is completely normal. And yet what is his logic??? The logic is that by vaccinating people fewer will die???

The statistics that he uses of 9 billion people in a few years to come are completely fictitious and fraudulent. Gates talks openly about denying the elderly health care as he says this is a waste of health service funds.

Bill Gates operates in the vaccine industry through the Gavi Vaccine Alliance.This alliance is between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,the World Bank,UNICEF and WHO.

Gavi promote the use of pentavalent vaccines, 5 shots in 1.

This is one very dangerous alliance given the track record of WHO, UNICEF and the World Bank.Kenyan doctors have recently charged WHO with attempting to sterilize millions of Kenyan women via the latest Tetanus vaccine.This is not the first time or country that this has happened in.

In 2011 over 100 children were vaccinated against the wish of their parents who had tried to escape that particular Gavi operation by hiding in Mozambique. They were caught on their return and vaccinations carried out at gunpoint.

The same happened to hundreds of families in Chad,forced at gunpoint and threat of imprisonment to accept the H1N1 vaccine.

Kofi Annan is fully behind another Gates Foundation initiative in Africa. Mainly through Uganda the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa is trying to turn Africa into a GMO mega farm. This was done in India in the 1990s and has led to the near  extinction of the small scale Indian farmer, mostly by suicide.The Green Revolution is to create debt within farming communities, sicken people and the environment and enrich corporations namely Monsanto. See documentary : Seeds of Death. Kofi Annan became head of the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa in 2007 and had this to say:”…gratitude to the Rockefellar Foundation,the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and all the others who support our African campaign.”

China developed a cure for Malaria in the late 1960s.

China does not have a problem with Malaria anymore.

China does not use a vaccine to treat Malaria.

China cannot understand why the WHO does not allow use of this cure.

Did you know there is a cure for Malaria?

Bill Gates is affiliated with the Lucis Trust. This is the organization behind the religion of the United Nations. The United Nations HQ in the USA does not have a chapple for religious purposes, it has a meditation room.The Lucis Trust designed this meditation room. The Lucis Trust was formerly called the Lucifer Publishing Company.



Sources: Henry Makow, Satanist in sheeps clothing

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