Part III: A British Intelligence Fraud Creates the Coup Against Donald Trump

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Part III: A British Intelligence Fraud Creates the Coup Against Donald Trump

January 12, 2019
From left to right, Sir Richard Dearlove, Christopher Steele, and Stefan Halper, three leading figures in the British information and intelligence coup against U.S. President Donald Trump.

The following article is part of a three part series, please see Part I: The British Role in the Coup Against the President Is Now Exposed. Will You Act Now to Save the Nation? and
Part II: The Integrity Initiative’s Foreign Agents of Influence Invade the United States.

by Barbara Boyd,

Put now in the larger context of British information warfare and regime change operations directed at Russia and independent thinkers in the United States, Britain, and Western Europe—operations which were put on steroids as of 2014 (operations which we covered in Part II of this Report)—what are we to make of the Christopher Steele dossier on Donald Trump and its use to impact the 2016 elections and the Trump Presidency? As we shall show, the dossier itself is flat out, totally, and utterly false, a stinking hideous fraud. Christopher Steele himself, in subsequent testimony, has described it as “unverified raw intelligence” and will not vouch for its accuracy. Even its most fervent champions, such as Yahoo’s Michael Isikoff, who met personally with Steele in September of 2016, now doubt the document, which provided the central legends of Russiagate. And, as former House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes has repeatedly emphasized, the operations against the Trump Campaign, using the dossier as its investigative backbone, were not run through traditional U.S. channels. Rather, they were run through the traditional channels of British influence in the United States: the CIA and the State Department. All of these operations were coordinated from the Obama White House.

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