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April 12, 2015

More than 25 years have gone by after the preparation of a plan for long conquest of a portion of the Great Lakes Region of Africa, concocted by a clique of people with direct ties to the monarchy that ruled on Rwanda for over four hundred years (400 years) before 1959.


As the name “RWANDA” means “EXTEND” , Rwanda is a country that has emerged through planned wars of conquest and executed by bloodthirsty kings, which, in their path, killing, exterminating indigenous populations, and annexing the conquered territories. In this context, the kings were operating territorial extensions for pasture for their flocks extended mainly composed of cows.

In each area was conquered and annexed installed or administrative leaders on behalf of the King; the survivor population massacres were reduced to slavery. This is reflected, in fact, Rwanda and the domination of the monarchy in this region for over four hundred years (400 years). The power was in the hands of one clan and was transmitted within it. The People’s Revolution in 1959 came to remove that kind of power. The monarchy was ousted and replaced by the Republic.

But some extremists monarchists have not digested the advent of the Republic in Rwanda and preferred to take the path of exile with their ideology to kill, exterminate the people and conquering foreign territories. This is how they have operated in UGANDA where they fought and overthrew the government in power, conquering territory to date. This clique, having occupied the UGANDA, took the opportunity to use it as a springboard to plan their project of conquest of a large, or at best the entire space of the Great Lakes Region . Thus began the war of conquest by Rwanda. After the conquest of Rwanda, the war continued in Zaire (now DRC) whose conquest was only partial.

What is unfortunate is that grieving and the path of conquest, the clique has always shone through systematic massacres of indigenous, taking care of all, sort and save their fellows (Tutsi).

This is the tradition of this clique. Based on the extension of operations in Rwanda, the ideology of massacre and exterminate the Tutsi ethnic groups other than, conquer territories and impose ruthless chores to survivors, has total millions of victims, what have serious concerns.

This clique has just conquered the three countries are Uganga, RWANDA and Zaire (DRC), but it has not been immune to obstacles especially in the DRC, the fact that the indigenous Congolese have not well digested the political ideology of the so-called clique. This had the effect of creating a misunderstanding between Désiré Kabila and the other two, namely KAGUTA and Kagame. Thus they have murdered and then make him succeed by his son Joseph Kabila KABANGE. The induction of this KABANGE Kabila gave certainly a breath of fresh air to the macabre plan of the Trio.

What is actually this macabre plan? It is indeed to exterminate the indigenous conquered impose a dictatorial policy, and slavery, maintaining power for life with a succession clan system, to be able to rely on the army.

After Joseph Kabila was sworn in, he ran into a problem-based Force Army because the Army of the DRC was made ​​up of pure Congolese so that it was not at all easy to inculcate the Trio of political ideology (KAGUTA, Kabila, Kagame) . Also, KAGUTA and Kagame were they initiated a program to provide a fair and Kabila ideologized Army through to enlist, by trickery, young people from the RWANDA and UGANDA.

To prevent this methodology stock is badly perceived, have made these young people enter the DRC under the guise of fighting, they were fighting for a very short time, and political negotiations followed to achieve their integration in the Army of the DRC against which they were fighting. Currently, we easily found within the Congolese army a military amalgam from the Trio and those typically Congolese.

To tell things as they are, some, if not many people may find this an exaggeration; and yet there instead of giving clear examples: as we have pointed out to you earlier that this trio is led from design to reign forever on this Region, but it faces the thorny problem of their constitutions that their interfere in do not allow them, Trio wants to achieve through a military force with a majority component of a single tribe (ethnicity).

This is also the thorny problem that the Tutsi ethnic group currently have, because it is these Tutsi whose Trio wants to use in its program, which sooner or later will be discovered, tarnishing the mage of ‘Tutsi ethnic group in the area, in case there would not be brave and valiant Tutsi able to decry the monarchical ideology of this trio. This famous plan is none other than to bring the maximum military forces imbued with the ideology of the Trio, from RWANDA, UGANDA and the DRC and working for a single goal.

The only way to achieve this goal has, would be based on the fact that the border region with the DRC RWANDA and UGANDA would house military units composed of tribes imbued with the ideology of the macabre Trio. So with the completion of this project, it will then issue the birth of a monolithic and powerful army, ensuring the sustainability of the Trio in power and clan succession to the same power. This is the macabre political Trio formed KAGUTA, Kagame and Kabila.

Realizing they are in the final term of their powers, especially Kabila and Kagame (KAGUTA him, having made the UGANDA his private property), it was launched the implementation of the famous plan mentioned above, which consists to bring together military forces to ensure their hold on power despite the existence of certain disabilities in its implementation. Thus, Kabila began to recover goings Forces RWANDA and UGANDA he had incorporated into his forces and sent to the eastern DRC, to begin the Region’s plan of conquest by the rub with those of RWANDA and those of UGANDA, to proceed with the recruitment of several other of the same ideology, to get up to fight the forces of the DRC nationalists to keep them away from the conquered region.

It is in this context that the M23 was created to do the work in the well thought Kabila interest. Kagame and KAGUTA betting on the inevitable negotiations leading to mixing of the conflicting forces imposing than the M23 absolutely had to stay in the east of the DRC, as saying-either national Forces, when in reality, they are Forces of the Trio for the sole purpose of maintaining power. But sadly disappointed because most inspired and informed discovered the macabre plan of the Trio, and the rapid destruction of the M23 and surprising ensued, which resulted in undermining the morale of the Trio remarkably.

And fills misfortunes, the annihilation of the M23 coincided with the period of their very close presidential terms. Thus, as the days go against them, the Trio is becoming more afraid of becoming. However, their last card and that they are currently in the process of playing, is that of “the FDLR snipe” with the objective, maintain power KAGUTA, Kagame and Kabila.

It just ended a long time when voices were raised saying that the FDLR had to be destroyed by force. It is then said that the FDLR considering making weapons of war in order to peacefully return home by the voice of political negotiations. This approach was considered by the Trio as a Machiavellian plan to destroy their political and ideological. Why the trio has exerted strong pressure on the FDLR requiring them to have completed the disarmament process / cantonment within six months, knowing full well that this operation will be impossible to achieve in that period; again, the Trio and its sponsors do not want to hear about all the negotiations with the RPF government.

FDLR is a real excuse for the Trio can build military forces that can make him stay in power.

Kabila is spirit to gather the forces that are loyal and routes it to the east of the DRC to end up side by side with those of Uganda and Rwanda while avoiding those with a behavior as that of the late General Mamadu NDALA in order to avoid living the plight experienced by the M23. To help achieve their plan, the FDLR has been taken as a pretext. That is why the Government of the DRC strives to precipitate military operations against the FDLR, without in any way take into account their legitimate claims because, in effect, if taken into account, it would spell the end of the Trio KAGUTA, Kagame and Kabila.

Thus, those who hope that Kabila unleash power, they undeceive because, even though it would be ousted by the Force, it would be by the Force of the Army that it is in the process of gathering in the East and with those of their comrades stationed in the east of the DRC for joint action to destroy the poor FDLR.

Such a strategy is beneficial for the Trio, as it allows them to remain in power forever. Nothing wrong with that, if their power could promote the interests of the conquered population; Unfortunately the truth is different because the thorny problem lies in the fact of their plan to exterminate them, conquer territories and reduce them to slavery.

We do not believe, moreover, that this is what the Trio necessarily be rather we expect past events during the last 450 years, during which time their exactions have left millions and millions of deaths among the population Native to the full knowledge of the world and without any reaction. That is why we say that there are other personalities who surely behind his macabre plan.

Therefore, it is very difficult to focus on the hope of a better tomorrow following this macabre plan of the Trio, which seems to serve the interests of those who act in the shade.

We publish this work for the people of the Great Lakes Region of Africa, that they really know the true source of their woes but also the direction the Trio Kabila, Kagame and KAGUTA imposes. It is time for vigilance and to recover more than ever to God to intervene, if any distraction from us we would be fatal. Why do we put up the lie when the truth is there before us.

Done at Masisi April 7, 2015